22 January 2010

Lastest (and last) Buy(s)

Okayyy, after these I'm officially not buying anything related to bags, clothes, accessories and shoes.. ever. So I bought this dress from ASOS they day before yesterday, I wanted it before it went on sale so it wasn't really an impulse buy. It was £35 from £48, which I'm down with:

And I just had to buy these boots from New Look yesterday, they are soo cute and they're all furry inside, yayyy lol :D (they were £16 with my student discount):
But that's it, from now on, I'm just going to comfort eat. Anywayy, I was bored of revising bloody metabolism so thought I'd share my latest finds ^-^ better get back to it..


Anonymous said...

prices are not bad.

indonesian prince

*~Ange~* said...

great top

Anonymous said...

i love these boots i got them in black sooo comfortable

YUSAKO said...

longtime no visit your blog...

nice.. visit mine please, I'v a new look..;D salam!