06 January 2010

I'm Back :D

My shiny new pink laptop arrived today yayy, (go you guys for delivering in this snow!) so I should start posting as usual just as soon as the novelty wears off lol. I do have exams coming up in a couple of weeks though so won't be posting as often. Hope you're all good ^-^
P.S. Yehh I know, the pic has no relevance.. but you gotta love it :D


yoe said...

how bout women with laptop as gadget? why handphone? hehehe, sure, the pic has no relevance with the post... ;p yipeeee for your new laptop.. i also yipeee! horey for my new sweet-brown lapie from my father.. ;D

tealovecoffee said...

I'm glad you have the pink laptop :D
and I'm waiting for the "best & worst outfit"

Anonymous said...

Salaam alaikum sister love the site as a revert myself find it really helpfull for clothes to wear and ideas :) thankyouuu

angie nader said...

Hi Zaenab...i just wanted to let you know that you misundersood my last comment on that" " site.
it wasnt my comment. it was anothers.
if you look below the
thats my response to that comment another made.

id never say something like that.

Zaenab said...

angie nader: Oh god I'm so sorry! I read between the lines sometimes :S Thanks for putting me straight though, il try and delete the message as i feel bad now :( Sorry about that!!
Zaenab ^-^

Habibti said...

i thought the girl in the middle is alicia keys

K. Malik said...

Who has put their phone between their hijab and their ear like an oversized blutooth?! I haven't mastered that skill yet, but my niece has it down. Salaam