21 August 2010

Masoomah Jilbab Review

I while ago I said that I had ordered the above jilbab from Masoomah Jilbabs - I have since received (and returned..) it and have decided to write a review on the site and the product.
Shop review:
Quality of website:

Aesthetically speaking and by comparison to popular fashion sites, it's not the best by a long shot; but by comparison to popular abaya and jilbab sites, it's quite average. In terms of ease of use, it's relatively simple to navigate and order from. I has a very wide selection of jilbabs and abayas as well as scarves.

Overall rating: 3/5

Customer service:
Too informal for my liking: I was called up by a woman from Masoomah asking me to text her my sizes. Although she was friendly, I didn't feel it was professional enough for a company that started in 2001.

The jilbab arrived in relatively good time considering that they alter the garment to your size. P&P was well priced.

I am a firm believer that you can tell the quality of an online company from their returns policy. In order to return an item at Masoomah, you have to email the company telling them that you want to return it and then they email you the returns address. You then must pay to return it unless it is faulty or incorrect, in which case they will pay. This procedure is far to long-winded and will make me think twice about purchasing from Masoomah again.

Overall rating: 2.5/5

Value for money:

I think the abayas and jilbabs are very well priced, with a basic jilbab costing around £35. The tweed one above was £31.99.

Overall rating: 3.5/5

Jilbab Review:

- Where else can you get a tweed abaya?!
- Good length
- Perfect for winter


- The sleeves look lovely in the photo but are far too poofy in real life so they make your arms look disproportionately fat
- It's heavy to wear
- The colour in the photo is nicer than it really is

Even though the review sounds a bit harsh, I would actually recommend the site because of it's wide range of jilbabs, good prices and most importantly, it's safe to purchase from. Good for a full time jilbab wearer, but just not for me.

Overall rating for Masoomah: 3/5


Anonymous said...

A True Jihadi:


Indonesian Prince

Anonymous said...

Zaenab, sorry for the off-topic post......again.

Indonesian Prince

C said...

Asalaamu Alaikum

Yikes, I'm on the verge of buying something from them. Its making me think twice.

Zaenab said...

Indonesian Prince: Lol that's OK, it was quite interesting actually and really well written (apart from some racist connotations..).

C: I don't mean to stop people from buying from there, that's the last thing I want to do! But I'm only giving a neutral, honest opinion.

Fatimah said...

Salaam sister!

Please take a sec to check out my latest blogpost! Spread the link and provide an easy way to donate to the flood victims in Pakistan inshallah!


Anonymous said...


Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Somalia and Yemen.

Situation is getting crazy there.

Indonesian Prince

Liz Leonard said...

Salaams sister,
I first ordered from Masoomah 2 years ago and now that's all I wear!! I love the fact that you get a really personal and thorough service from a conscientious sister who wants you to have something you feel really good in and that fulfils all the requirements of jilbab.

I recommend this company to everyone...and now all my friends wear Masoomah jilbabs too!!

And I have the green the green,tweed one you ordered and not only do I love it but I ALWAYS get complimented when I wear it!!

UmmaAdil said...

Asalaam Aleykum

I agree with sister Liz comments. Never in my time of wearing a jilbab have I have come across a company who truly understand what sisters are looking for in jilbabs. I do have some idea of tailoring jilbabs as well as paying others to do so, but in the past the end products were never quite right. Then a friend recommened Masoomah and alhamdulillah I was more than pleased. What really impressed me the most was the level of service and the one to one personal consultation on the phone I recieved. Another bonus was the fast turnaround time. MashAllah I always get complemented for my Masoomah jilbabs. The jilbabs seem to tick all the relevant criteria modest, practical, comfortable, well tailored smart and casual (depending on the types you buy). You can safely say I am a Masoomah addict and eagerley await all new arrivals :)

sally aisha said...

Salaam sisters,

I can't even count how many times I've seen sisters wearing really nice jilbabs and when I asked them where they bought it they said "Masoomah"!

Mutiat said...

Asalaam alaikum waramutulah wabarakatu. i recently purchased this same tweed jilibab,masha Allah its a very lovely one.this was actually the jilibab that attracted to the site through a recommendation of a friend and i havent regretted my purchase and many others that i have made after this one. i love the blend of colours cos it not just green but blended with something like beige. the very first time i wore it, i was complemented throughout the day by fellow sisters who even asked me where i got it from and i recomended masoomah. my friends also loves it and they are now planning to get the same jilibab. i love the way it doesnt cling to the body and the arm design is quite fabulous as it had an extra touch to the jilibab.

i like the informal approach of the company because it shows me that this isnt just another money making comapny but a company that aims to please its customers.

Am a person who is always skeptical about purchasing jilibab online because of size issues but this company puts my worries at ease. calling to confirm my size shows me that they go the extra mile to get my size right and saves me from having to return it due to inaccuracy