11 August 2010

Reader's Look: Fatimah

My next edition of Reader's Look is on Fatimah from the Forever Fatimah blog. She currently lives in the US and loves to style her maxi dresses:

A formal look, love it all..

Love this!

Some maxi styling of my own..

Maxi Dress

And my favorite look... That dress is amazing!

Thanks Fatimah! If you want to be featured, email me :D


Anonymous said...

omg she looks like a cousin i have♥

oumou said...

ilove her style.

Haute Muslimah said...

Fatimah is beautiful mashaAllah!
And I've always admired her fashion sense. And the fact that she's super sweet :)

clare said...

love it- cute & comfy, mashallah :D

Under Urooba's Umbrella! said...

her style is so super cute!
She's really MAXING out her style here!
Err, apologies for the extremely bad pun.


yusako said...

give me one.. hihi