27 August 2010

It's Not Just Eating That Breaks Your Fast..

I made a pact with a friend a few months ago to stop talking about other people behind their backs and I honestly thought it would be a piece of cake.. But it was only when I was actively forcing myself not to that I realised how easy it is to backbite and not even be aware of it. I hope very much that I have not broken the deal we made but we all need reminding from time to time and what better time to turn over a new leaf than in Ramadan? So why not decide to stop committing gheeba, for good?
This should put you off the gossip for sure..

"O you who believe! Avoid much suspicion, for some suspicions are a sin. Do not spy on one another, nor backbite one another. Would one of you love to eat the flesh of his dead brother? Nay, you would abhor it. And fear Allah. Indeed, Allah is Most Forgiving, Most Merciful." Qur'an, [49:12]

"He does not utter a [single] word, except that there is, with him, [an angel] ready and waiting [to record it]." Qur'an, [50:18]


Anonymous said...

The video is scary. First, a few pretty girls were talking & all (backbiting of course), suddenly they went vicious and ate human meat :O

Anonymous said...

i watched this vid with my dad sitting next to me, and as it begins he says to me in arabic "mashallah, look how beautiful those ladies look in there hijab" and i'm like, "yea mashallah"
by the end of the vid we're like ...=0
thanks for the vid, message recieved loud and clear, and it's practically branded into mine and my dad's mind :)

SaY_wAt? said...

i to have made a deal with myself not to backbite and sometimes Allah tests me in ways were others do it infront of me.. Alahmdillah when you focus upon urself to try and commit less sins, you feel a burden has been taken of your shoulders and feel closer to Allah.. it was the best thing i have ever done and i would tell all my sistas to do the same.


Anonymous said...

Salaams...shukrun for showing this. A reminder is always needed. all I can say is deep and a little scary. Inshallah I will make more of an effort.

muslimah girl said...

assalam alaikum iv'e come across your blog. I like this post, its very true that its so easy to backbite and not even realize it. What if your just telling someone something that happen and your explaining what another person did that you didn't like. Is that back bitting? I never know if i'm really backbiting, i can just tell someone a story about someone is that backbiting?

Anonymous said...

We are approaching the last 10 days.

Indonesian Prince

Ruwayda Mustafah said...

Excellent reminder, Baraka Allah feekoum.

mishka said...

i like video. most of us do this mistake and its tru its hard to control yourself away from it. May allah give us strenth to stay strait. Thank you for wonderful job with blog.