14 August 2010

The High Street Abaya

Well, it's as close to a high street abaya as you're going to get anyway... Feast your eyes on this long sleeve maxi from Oasis:
All you need to do is get this dress a couple of sizes up and voila, you have your very own £30 abaya - perfect for summer and winter. In fact, it would end up looking not too different to this Aab abaya which would set you back £84.99.. ouch.

Oasis' latest drop is actually pretty impressive, check out these Hijab-friendly pieces..

£55 maxi.. (It would be nice for a ladies only event):

Versatile skirt for £30..

This next skirt is on sale at £10:

I've left the best to last:

And it's only 70 quid.. Bargain!


thenewgirl said...

omg i lovee this stuff my favs areee the black skirt the dress on top of the black skirt and of course the last omg i totally loove the last i wish you could find something like the last in usa!!

Anonymous said...



Indonesian Prince

Zaenab said...

Indonesian Price: This is really sad.. Thanks for sharing, I'm going to repost it.


yashi said...

assallam................dear sister .......love ur style .......am in need of ur help...i haf an abaya simillarly like this but i want to team it up with some smart light jacket so plz suggest some .......thanks