18 August 2010

Eating Out

If you are planning to eat iftaar out this Ramadan, here's an outfit idea that I made on Looklet..

Not quite sure how I managed this, actually.. Iftaar was an hour ago and I'm stuuuffed.. :O


thenewgirl said...

omg this is beautiful is tht u?

oumou said...

very elegant looking,thanks a lot.

.hopeful. said...

I absolutely love your blog. I think I just spent at least an hour on it going through your posts and I don't want to seem like a bigger loser than I already am, so I will just comment on your most recent posts instead of all of them...LOL Mashallah great work! I will definitely be back for more.

Maja said...

The blessings and peace of the Almighty be upon you!

I am not muslim (I'm studying to be a priest in the Church of Sweden), but all women are sisters, right?

I very much enjoy this blog!
I am passionate about modesty, and although my standards are different than yours, this blog is such an inspiration to me, so thank you very much =)

God bless,

Zaenab said...

thenewgirl: Lol, no it's a model.. I made this outfit on looklet.com

hopeful: I'm glad you like it!! :D :D

Maja: Yay, I love it when non-Muslims read my blog :)

Indonesian Prince: Lol, if you eat out wouldn't you wear something different to what you would wear if you were eating in?

jtz said...

i like that look, it's somwthing you can also wear over an abaya!

aminatulmimi ismail said...

waaaa... i really want to c the outfit, but somehow it didnt appear in my page. y y y??? am searching for idea what to wear for my school iftar tonite...

Zaenab said...

aminatulmimi ismail: You can see the outfit here: