01 October 2010

Reader's Look: Umm Ibrahim

For the next installment of Reader's Look, I give you Umm Ibrahim from the Old School Hejabi blog and the abaya/hijab shop Arabian Threads. She is a librarian and lives in the USA after spending a year living in Arabia. She is rather fond of the overhead abaya and enjoys experiments with different style while maintaining her Hijab.
Check out her style:

Carrying her baby son in a sling, soo cute :D

In a lovely lace chador which is a kind of overhead abaya but without arm holes:

In Makkah:

Abaya styles:

Love those floral sleeves!

I made a look inspired by her love for abayas..


Thank you Umm Ibrahim :D If you would like to be featured, email me.


lala said...

pretty! very modest, masAllah <3

Luk said...

I like the green sling she's holding her baby in...such a stylish Mama ;)

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

I like the one with the wide pants and the long top. Super cute!

Banana Anne said...

I love the long sweatshirt/jeans look Masha'Allah!

Anonymous said...

yay! love that you are so careful with your modesty - may Allah reward you!

Candice said...

I looove the poncho style with jeans! So modest and just suitable for any day to day activity!

Pixie said...

MashaAllah I love your modesty:XD