08 February 2011

The best and worst (abaya) looks of 2010

Feels like not long ago I was writing that for 2009.. Anyway, I have decided to focus on abayas this year, not because I have decided to wear one but because I have many abaya photos that have been left unused for far too long.

Let's start with cuts...


Abayas come in lots and lots of different shapes, here are some of my favorites:

A loose, simple, flowing style with tight sleeves. The only thing that ruins this is what appears to be a cockroach crawling up her abaya. Nice.

I love this Pakistani take on the abaya, the colours are lovely. But I hate how they have to make their abayas shorter than normal. Floor-sweeping is the only way.

You cannot beat the traditional look. This lovely abaya is designed by Amal Murad...

If I had to pick one for the best of 2010, I would say this due to it's unique cut that still maintains a modest look:

This is why people research their target market before designing a product. I doubt this particular style will be available in Saudi Arabia. You are likely, however, find it in Dubai.

Finding a disgustingly hideous abaya on the net, or elsewhere, is not hard. Finding a disgustingly hideous belted abaya is decidedly easier than I thought...

I could continue but I shall have mercy on your eyes.

Actually, nahhh..
While running the risk of offending people, I have to say that my least favorite abaya style is the overhead.
Why? Have you seen the Harry Potter films..?!

Moving swiftly onto sleeves.

I like the sleeve of these next two abayas. I have to say though, the girls remind me of brown versions of Mean Girls O.o

Buttons rule!

There's a fashionably wide sleeve and then there's just silliness. This is veering towards the latter.
I hate these next sleeves. I hate them.. and I hate the girl and her stupid smirk.

Oh who am I kidding..? I have bag envy so decided to put her in the bad section even though the sleeves are OK. If somebody can purchase me an LV in order to cure my jealousy, please do :)

Fabric is up next.


Light and flowy. The perfect abaya combo.
Bin and bag. The not so perfect abaya combo.

Shaylas next, the abayas best friend.



Hair. It is like an un-tamable creature.

Rule #1347 - If you have a long face, do not elongate further with scarf. See posts about wearing headscarf to suit face shape if you are still unsure why the following look is so very wrong.

Styling an abaya..

Keeping it simple, with a cupcake.
The overpowering use of red and black is my idea of fashion hell.

The worst abaya look of 2010? (The matching hijab and wellies just doesn't sit right with me..)

And finally, I just have to add this one in. It reminds me of one of those before and after things. Before and after touching down to Heathrow from Riyadh, that is ;)


C said...

Asalaamu Alaikum

I love the purple one near the top!

Anonymous said...

The very first abaya style is perfect to me. No crazy colors or swarovski crystal designs...& it's floor-sweeping which is a must to me, as well as the tighter sleeves. :p I want it haha

Gail said...

Assalaam waliekum.
You mean the ruched, tight, cream-colored dress in the last pic ISN'T an abaya.

But seriously, in Islam there's a fine line between fashion and modesty when it comes to abayas. The abaya is
already a great article of clothing but then people take it and make it crappy. I think most of them have been haunted by the images of overweight Middle Eastern, abaya wearing women of the older generations trodding around with kids & bags in tow: it scares them into inventing hideous, very un-Islamic clothes.
And all this is to appear "hip", "cool" and "sexy" in the eyes in Man instead of pleasing to the Sight of AllahSWT.

Stylish Muslimah said...

Salam Gail - Sorry that I had to be the one to burst your bubble :( I mean getting that dress and the modern abaya mixed up is an easy mistake to make.

Speaking of fat middle eastern women with kids and bags in tow...

*runs to get waist belt, hair-dye and heels*

The Black Jubah said...

Assalamualaikom Stylish Muslimah,
I am called the black jubah, because I dorn the abaya, jubah is abaya in Malay.In Malaysia, Muslimah wear the traditional "baju kurung" its modest, beautiful but colourful. You can look it up. Black straight cut is my daily wear, flowing type is the one I put on for formal functions. Main colours are black n white, sometimes colour are on the scarves.

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Nice pics.

BTW, if you want a "FAKE" LV bag, and you want to Western Union the cost of it to Muscat, I can indeed get you one this month, as we have a festival on here, with some pretty AWESOME fakes. They run 8 omani rials for a fake Chanel, Gucci, or LV bag of good quality. They have less good quality ones for 6 Omani rial.

Fake Hermes Birken and full set of LV and Gucci luggage? I am doing that.

Since I am mad about the French niqab ban, I am willing to go fake in protest. Hey Moalaysia, I will support your fake LV market for once;D

Stylish Muslimah said...

Omani Princess - Salam, thanks so much for the offer, that's so nice of you :) Thing is, I'm not sure my friends would let me live it down if I went in with a fake lol, niqab ban or not haha. I don't really know if I could Islamically justify spending £500 on a bag though.. Surprisingly enough, my mum is all for it!


Banana Anne said...

Some of these are great, Masha'Allah, and some are definitely something I would never even think of wearing. I actually prefer the shorter, ankle-length jilbabs with pants underneath because it's more practical; I don't have to worry about getting the hem of the jilbab dirty, torn, or caught in anything. I also do like overhead abayas, but only the open, chador-style ones (the one in the picture looks way too encompassing).

lala said...

Looool I have that last obi belt in black!! Loooooove it so much <3 gotta wear it just peeping from under cardigans though to keep it more modest. Anyway love the sleeves on some of these!! Very fun!

lala said...

Ps totally agree with banana Anne! I am trying abAyas now anyway but I've sadly never been able to wear dresses gracefully... Even getting into a car will expose part of my leg and it drives me crazyyyy

The Black Jubah said...

Hi lala, Imam Shafie teaching makes it compulsory for us to wear socks...so riding on a motorbike, its compulsory to wear long pants under your dress, this is to avoid exposing your legs, hope this would help you...

Ili Naquiah said...

Love the design from Amal Murad. Very elegant..!


Yukirat said...

A smorgasbord post with lots of funny/beautiful pictures and commentary! Thanks, Zaenab! Now we all know to top off a perfect simple look with a chocolate cupcake in hand.

The lady in the conehead hairstyle peeking out of her headscarf must have really wanted to fire her stylist after that....

umm-abdillah said...

Great Post!:)

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Stylish Muslima: Hehehe, I know right? Fake seemed so crass to me before, but I am so mad about France and the Chinese have real ostrich skin and leather so, well, good quality for low price whether fake or not wins me over. T

But I miss my Dior, really, but morally can't justify it now with France's ban. And unless you can sincerely promise yourself you will wear your Chanel or Vuiton for the next ten years and buy less purses, the high price is hard to justify.

But I work it out this way, how much do I spend per day to wear it? The means, purchase price divided by estimated wearing time. Then you can do the same with a non name mall purse. Whoever wins in the math is your best bet, but be honest with how much you will actually use something.

My black quilted Chanel bag? It belonged to my grandmother. That makes 50 years of use and still going strong. Obviously, well worth the purchase price when you do the wearability math equation:D

Stylish Muslimah said...

Omani Princess - Lol! Well it's true you cannot argue with maths. Quilted Chanel bags are amazing, so expensive though :/ As it is my birthday soon, I am thinking of buying an LV but then forbidding myself from buying another bag until I at least graduate. I see your point with the whole ban in France but that's political, I doubt LV has anything to do with it lol. If we were to boycott every brand of a country that has oppressed Muslims in some way, shape or form, our choice would be very sparse indeed :(

I think you should buy the real deal OP, they don't really go down in value either :D

mishka said...

im not a fun of abeyas but i would wear one from amal murad. i wonder where do they sell them and how affordable they for mainstream. as its seems most of abeays in western countries look like ones wear in arabic country side. :)

Anonymous said...


Stylish Muslimah said...

Ashka: Firstly, there is a huge difference between looking feminine and looking seductive. Secondly, nowhere in this post have I encouraged the wearing of "makeup and glitters".

Lastly, the truth is out there, you just have to open up your heart to it. My belief in God stems directly from my belief in the Quran.. It is a work of un-paralleled perfection which could not have been created by man. I don't just not believe in God because I don't want to follow rules. I follow rules because I believe in a just Creator and I believe in a Creator because life is transient to waste it in denial.

Regards :)

P.S. Maybe think about fixing your caps lock..? :]

Anonymous said...

Salam Alaikum,

Hijab and Abaya are not ment to look stylish and attractive! SubahanAllah no wonder non-muslims are confused when they see this! Hijab means cover we cover outselves so we do not attract attention to ourselves. Please sister be careful of this blog you do not want to get the ithim of people following you in wrong and going against what we believe in.

عقارات said...

The abaya is supposed to cover the underling dress not to be a dress by its self these are dresses not abayas.

Anonymous said...

Exactly i agree with the last few comments, a hijab and abaya is meant to cover your body not to be used a fashionable clothing as nowadays it is being worn a new fashion trend.

Anonymous said...

Asalaamu alaykum, why are you making fun of the niqab? With your comparison with the cover of harry potter.

StylishMuslimah said...

Because that's what the niqaab reminds me of.

Um Tayibah said...

Salaam alaykunna..

It's a bit sad that all of the "best" looks in your opinion are the ones which don't fulfill the conditions of hijab...Subhanallah..may Allah rectify this affair of ours.

StylishMuslimah said...

Um Tayibah: How?


mizanur rahman said...

first of all i dont want to alarm anyone and want anyone to think i dont belong on this blog because i am a muslim male born in england london and my mom and dad were born in bangladesh and all i want to say is everyone has their own opinion but islam is peace so i please ask you people not to argue because there is nothing wrong in wearing a fashionable abaya because it is only appealing from one abaya wearing sister to another abaya wearing sister and there is nothing wrong in one woman praising another womans abaya saying 'how nice it is and i with i had that abaya lol' and the rest of the fashion and beauty is for the eyes of her husband only and it is in a womans nature to look good for any intention or many examples like attending a family party wedding or dinner date with the husband oh cumon people its common sense who would want to look like a homeless ugly person and of-course its a womans duty to look her best for her husband otherwise he will not find her attractive which lead to and oh cumon people i dont have to explain the rest of the long story short.
the reason im here is my moms trying to arrange a marriage for me and my dream come true would be with a abaya wearing arab middle eastern girl so i make a humble request that you people please pray for me that my dream comes true and please remember my name in your dua (MIZAN) and ramadhan greetings to everyone

mizanur rahman said...

hey everyone assalaamu alaycum i was randomly watching this race car crash video lol dont ask me why but then i came across a post about an Islamic fashion show in the city of Kazan which is in Russia and knowing me i didn't know Muslims even exist in Russia lol and there wad some really nice modest outfits that look very similar to abayas but also look a bit like a dress but im sure you will like them and then all of a sudden out of nowhere i started day dreaming my future wife would love these outfits lmao look at me fantasizing before me even getting married lol forgive my craziness im just so exited about geting married and i really really wish allah blesses me with a arab humble beautiful Islamic wife plus the month of ramadhan is nearly here so i am going to make sooo much dua believe me i will be praying extra loads because iv been waiting all my life and you only marry once and im going to be the best husband i can and fulfill all her dreams and buy her anything she wants lol jewelry clothes shoes and i was even thinking a pink mini cooper lmao im fantasisng a bit too much lol but seriously after all my effort for her if i see only one single smile on her face alhamdulillah ,her happiness would mean the world to me .ok enough of my jibber jabber crazy talk so here is the web address ( http://en.rian.ru/photolents/20130630/181928951/Islamic-Clothes-Fashion-Show-in-Kazan-.html ) and just scroll through the numbers and you'll see the outfits. enjoy :-)

mizanur rahman said...

hey hey hey ramadhan greetings everyone yep its finally here so hope everyone enjoys this blessed month and don't forget devils locked away for 30 days so inshallah i can and everyone else can also do as much good deeds as we can alhamdulilla the virtues are limitless so cumon peeps lets pull out those prayer mats get crackin' and get them rewards rolling in and a little survival tips for us fasting people but im not sure about you people living in cold country's but here in UK were im living lol Birmingham is damn really hot and it is summer so keep cool, stay indoors, the shade helps lol don't ware yourself out like walking too much and sisters cut down on the shopping lol save it for towards the end of ramadhan, please dont waste your energy people use it on pleasing Allah and good luck everyone and please don't forget to mention me in your duas. assalamu alaycum

Salwa Muslimah said...

The over head Abaya is beautiful I have to disagree with you in that one. I have a few two piece over head abayas and they look modest and similar to what the wives of the prophet SAW used to wear. They are not fashionable... because exactly that, they are meant to be a modest religious wear not a fashion statement. I love wearing mine, and no they do not look like something from some Shirk movie! They are modest and beautiful and emulating the best women in Islam to live :)