25 February 2011

The Haram Police

I'm sure a lot of you have watched or heard of Baba Ali on YouTube, he makes these neat videos with nice Islamic reminders in a very un-holier-than-thou way. The haram police guy at the beginning craaaacked me up :D


Muslim Convert said...

Ack this guy, I met him at an Islamic event I filmed for the organization that put on our Eid fest and I was disappointed in his comedy that and I remember watching his "that's not hijab video" and then seeing the snug clothes he was wearing....ack puleeze, that's not hijab for men either.

Anonymous said...

I think theres a bit of Haram police in all of us

Salwa Muslimah Solace said...


This contradicts his video "Thats not hijab" as he is doing what he said we should not be doing.

If you say a sister shouldnt be wearing clothes that looks liek she just painted on Everyone jumps on your back and calls you the haram police. Sorry thats our duty to correct others in the best manner. People use the haram police even when advising people in a good way. They just do not want to hear anything so they say those two magic words to shut you up.

I agree with the sister who commented above, men shouldnt be wearing jeans and a short top as their awrah is exposed from the sheer tightness of the jeans and trousers they choose to wear. If your guna wear snug jeans wear a tunic or long shirt dress ontop. Not a top that sits on the belt so your back and front are seen. The awrah of a man if from belly button to Knee. That means covering with Loose modest garment in this region.