15 November 2012

11 things I really hate

Have you ever had one of those days where everything annoys you? Yeh, I have that most of the time. OK, that's an exaggeration, but there are certain things that really make me cringe that other people may not bat an eyelid over. Since I have A LOT of uni work to be getting on with I thought I would use my time as productively as possible and write about some things that really hack me off..

1. When I know for a fact that I'm right but the person I'm talking to remains annoyingly unyielding in their own belief.

2. Asian guys that think they're Muslim 50 cents.

3. What's worse than catching someones eye more than once on public transport, when neither of you are anywhere near your stop? Nothing.

4. When people  don't stop talking just to avoid having to sit in silence. I get it can be awkward for some people but there should be natural breaks in a conversation, right?

5. People who smell.

6. The films 2012 and The Day After Tomorrow. Also, Babel because it was so twisted.

7. When men on public transport don't get up for the elderly, frail, pregnant etc. In fact I wish they still got up for women but that's never going to happen..

8. People with high expressed emotion. They tend to have short tempers and are very difficult to reason with. Unfortunately, there appears to be a higher prevalence of this among Arabs.

9. The sound of people eating bananas.

10. The concept of punishment of a human being with solitary confinement.

11. Backseat drivers.
Wow, I feel so much better now. Study, here I come! Actually maybe I'll eat first but THEN I'll definitely start..


Anonymous said...

Salaam sis... I would like your opinion on an outfit for grad (a masters actually ;) dont hate too much on grad students :) ) Any ideas will be appreciated. Its during the day and my gown is black. so i dont wanna wear a black skirt...

Stylish Muslimah said...

Have you thought of a maxi dress? I think you should ask what other people are going to wear because there are some graduations where people dress really smartly and some where it's more dressy.

Salam x

As-salaam alaikum said...

I hate backseat drivers too, especially when I'm on the freeway.

mizzyN said...

I agree with number 7 too. Most times it feels like men should offer their seat first to any other person who are more senior or in need of a seat in any situation.

Muslim Mommy said...

#10 is my fave :)

Señorita Andalucíana said...

1. "against" gravity, they'd be half-way to the moon by now.

2. Awwwww meany and lol :)

6. Hit mute on the day after tomorrow, Jake Gyllenhall is still pretty to look at. :)

9. Who makes sounds while eating bananas?

StylishMuslimah said...

LOL!! Number two is not mean, it's true :D

Do you know that mushy sound the mouth makes. Makes me cringe just thinking about it!

Salam x

Anonymous said...

OMG BANNANA'S i thought i was the only one lol. that sloppy mooshy sound of lips smacking is so sickening..ewwwwwww thank you for being the only other person who cannot stand it lol.

StylishMuslimah said...

Anon: Yay :D finally someone who gets me!! xx

Anonymous said...

9. The sound of people eating bananas.

I simply had to laugh out loud at this XD
I never made a sound when it comes to eating bananas though, and neither do my family.

Mien said...

Hahaha you hate some of the most peculiar things!
I don't get No. 2 though. Mind explaining it to me? Sorry, I'm slow haha.

StylishMuslimah said...

Main: Oohh haha, my Uni is full of these Asian guys that walk around with their jeans almost falling off and these huge caps on, I just hate it, it's so forced. Yes I agree, I do hate some weird things haha!!

Salam x

Sami Aziz said...

Number 9 made me laugh! :)

(and fron a girl I think (young) women and girls should get up for the frail and elderly too :P)