10 July 2009

An Old Request: Modest Swimsuits For Non-Muslim Sisters

Quite a while ago, I got a request from one Anonymous reader (I'd love to know your name!) who wanted me to make a post about modest swimwear for non Muslim ladies. She personally doesn't fancy baring all in a bikini or swimming costume so here are some alternatives I found that cover a bit more:
The best site that I found for this sort of swimwear is www.modestkini.com. For £33 you can get this red, 2-piece swimming costume:
If you would prefer sleeves, you can grab one of these for the same price!

If you want a more sporty look, £44 will get you this:

Don't fear Muslimahs, modestkini also offers a range of full cover swimsuits including a plus size range so get clicking!

Anon, I hope this helped :D


Coffee Catholic said...

I would deffinately have to go for a full-coverage suit. These are cute but skin tight and short!

I know I sound legalistic but I think along these lines: if I'm not going to go out into town in a short skirt, why would I go to the beach in a short skirt?

CareMuslimah said...

LOL.. I think it's cute.. I mean if I saw more girls wearing this and less girls wearing gstrings my life would be complete :P

Candice said...

I have one from modestkini and I haven't tried it yet even if I got it a couple months ago. I would suggest getting one with a pattern though because it is very very thin material! I will post on my blog once I actually use it though. Might be this weekend at my uncle's house.

One thing I did notice without having to have used it is that the neck was super wide like it had been stretched out... :S

Becky said...

Many of the full cover suits are still very skin tight.

However some of them aren't, and a few of the semi-cover aren't either.

I had pretty much given up ever going to the beach again, or to a public swimming pool (unless it's one of the twice a month 2-hour-sessions that are only open to women :P). But after seeing this I might re-consider. Thanks for sharing!

Zaenab said...

Becky: your welcome!
Coffee Catholic: I understand your point but the reason this is different to walking around in a mini skirt is that for most of the time you would be wearing this you would be neck deep in water anyway. This post wasnt intended to advise people what to wear on the actual beach lol :D

Zaenab xxx

Fatty said...

Finally, some decent modest swimwear that isn't dog ugly! Thanks for sharing.

You've been tagged btw! Check out my blog!

Fatty x

Tia said...

I'm not Muslim but I LOVE the idea of the modestkini. Other girls can wear bikinis if they like, but until I saw these I was totally rocking the huge t-shirt and shorts.

I could be wrong but I think one reason some of these are tight is because too much of a heavier fabric might weight a person down once it gets waterlogged.

Anonymous said...

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Modestkini said...

I just came across this blog and found it very interesting indeed.Thanks for sharing.


modest swimsuits said...

I have not tried it yet, but I got a few months ago. I would suggest getting one with a motive, but because it is very very thin material! I'll post on my blog when I really use it myself. It might be this weekend at the house of my uncle.

retro bathing suits said...

That mimics the rough shark denticles to reduce drag along key areas of the body. The characteristics of the fabric improve shape retention and increase muscle compression to reduce vibration and retain muscle shape to reduce fatigue and power loss.

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