09 June 2011

Smart Summer Hijab

For a smart modest outfit for hot weather, look no further than the plain black skirt. Just make sure it's not one of those tiered ones - they are strictly casual wear. Here's an outfit I made on Looklet for some inspiration:


lala_ghani402 said...

"You are the best of the nations raised up for
(the benefit of)men: you enjoin what is right and
forbid the wrong and believe in Allah." (3:llO)

Yukirat said...

Lala, that was a totally random comment. Maybe you should read the post and say something about it? It's a fashion blog after all.

I like the outfit, but I've always been stumped how not to make black look hot (temperature wise) in summertime. It's great for fall, winter, but summer always seems to beg pale colours to reflect the sun.

Another question: all the niqabis in my city appear to be adopting the "cover-face-with-hijab-scarf" instead of wearing an actual face veil (rectangular cloth) but is this a trend? Just curious. I personally quite like it -- the tie-around niqab appears kind of severe (especially when black), but these wraparound niqabs are often in bright patterns and quite approachable.

Stylish Muslimah said...

Yukirat: Hmm to be honest with you I am not a fan of the niqab so I don't really keep on top of any trends in the face covering department. I have seen a few women do that look though, and I think it just looks weird especially if it is patterned and you look at them from far away :S But I guess colours other than black would make them look slightly more approachable..
Salaam :)