13 April 2014

Smart hijab tip #3: Dress + boots

A really simple and easy way to create a smart outfit for work is to pair a dress of knee length or longer with black jeans and high boots. Something along the lines of the following outfits but perhaps without the massive head things and weird accessories. 

I put together a Polyvore outfit for inspiration.. 

Smart Hijab Style


My Own Fairytale said...

lovely tunics.
Nice modest outfits.



Anonymous said...

Mm, I'd avoid the boots because of how sharply they outline your legs.

However, you can wear ankle boots with slightly-higher-skirts - those look really good. :)

Safura ★ said...

I agree with anon up there.

Islami Jihadiyah said...

Nice combination, thanks for sharing :)


Aira Lavwen said...

Cute outfits:)

Jesika Moon said...

No doubt the importance of Hijab. Actually it can protect a woman from various problems. But what about your thinking on Love Marriage in Islam...? Is Islam except love marriage...?

Online Islamic Store said...

All of them are great. All look so stylish and yet are modest. Loved the collection.

Rania, FashFaith.com said...

I also love the combination of ankle boots with skirt.. ;)