21 June 2009

A Quick Style Tip: Straight Leg Jeans

If you want a way to wear them, don't go skinny but stay loose and straight cut, go one size up if you must. You could pair them with a below the knee dress to keep the look modest or with an abaya, open only at the shins. I like this look:


Nawal said...

love the outfit

lala said...

isnt this still bit fitted on the legs...i duno y but somehow wen i wear fitted sleeves i dnt feel as bad as i do if i were to wear slightly fitted jeans with a dress below my knees..i went shoppin other day n tried a pari on n i hv grt calves if i say so myself one of things i do actually like n i just didnt feel comfy..it didnt feel hijabified

Zaenab said...

lala: i know what you mean, if an outfit doesnt feel right in terms of modesty the chances are, it isnt right so just steer clear. In the main, this is for girls that like skinny jeans but want a more modest alternative.
zaenab :D

*~Ange~* said...

i love the colour of her top

Anonymous said...

I am still on the fence about skinny jeans- what if the jeans are sort of baggy near the angles, and calves- would that be considered modest.
What about the jeans in the picture - are they considered modest?

Zaenab said...

Anonymous: I think it's what you feel comfortable wearing.. Ask yourself, would I pray in this outfit? If you would, you should be OK. I think skinny jeans should only be worn with a dress that goes to the middle of the shins. I personally think straight leg jeans look OK worn with a dress below the knew. For me, if the dress is shorter, I will wear wide leg jeans.

Hope that helps :D
Ramadan Kareem