16 June 2009

Celebrity Style Steal: Hayrunisa Gul

Hayrunisa Gul is the wife of the president of Turkey and she's today's style steal. Her look is always suited and smart so she looks the part and her signature hijab style is, unsurprisingly, Turkish.

Here she wears a metallic headscarf, one I thought would be hard to pull off but she's done it wonderfully:

I like this tweed skirt suit, very Chanel:

I do like her outfit in this pic, but just prefer the other woman's lol:

A couple more skirt suits:

I like her style but it would be nice if she would chill out a bit and go a tiny bit casual even if she still wants to look prim :D like this:

Black Maxi

Black Maxi by Zaenab


M.J. said...

i agree! but it's very nice to see a hijabi in turkiye!

Stylecoach said...

There's a lot of dress style and outfit look. But having a muslim image its a seldom style.

Betul said...

the other woman in the picture is a wife of one of the assistants of the minister. Her name is Zeynep Babacan, you can examine her looks ;) I think she is bea─▒tuful and chic.

My Little World said...

She can't go casual because she's the prime minister wife :) And she's posing with the Queen so why should she try to look less when she is a believer? Maxi dress wouldn't suit her at all as the first lady.

mishka said...

so if she is such a good example of hedjab how come in turkey they not allowed hedjab in a lot of places,doesnt give a sense or give her a credit. i would not vote for her look just as a person.