04 August 2009

Hijab Fashion - Modest Dresses From Alexis Mabille

I spotted a designer who has created some wonderful modest gowns for the French fashion shop La Redoute. Here is my favorite, coming at £269:

I've put together some possible accessories to complete the look, I think it should look very prim and polished almost to the edge of being OTT which is why I chose YSL heels, a silk scarf and a clutch that would make pay day seem like years away..:

Check out his clothes at La Redoute here by searching for "Alexis Mabille" in the search box at the top.


*~Ange~* said...

love them. they are cute alternatives to abayas.

Deasi Pedersen said...

it's a pleasure for the eyes, but wondering where im gonna wear them all..:)good idea to see and see someone else is buying it.