07 August 2009

Request From A Petite Hijabi

Hijabi Iman has recently bought this new dress but she needs some advise hijabifying it. She says that she isn't very tall and wants to know how to wear it without looking drowned. Here are some outfits I've put together with some general style tips for the petite Muslimahs out there:

This look is a casual day time outfit:

Tip #1: You should leave the cardigan open to elongate and slim your figure as well as keeping your curves covered and make sure it is a longer style cardigan.

Tip #2: When dressing a petite frame either the bottoms and the top or the bottoms and the hijab should the same colour. This will make you appear taller.

Tip #3: Every shape and size should follow this rule: the smaller you are, the smaller the pattern on a garment should be. If you are tall or plus size, go for bigger prints. Petites should avoid fussy prints and keep the outfit vertical and simple.

This outfit is a more semi-formal night look:

Tip #4: The blazer jacket is a must have for the smaller figure, but make sure you go for one that doesn't cinch in your waist (not hijab..). The over sized blazer will solve this problem, if it doesn't leave the jacket open which looks better anyway.

Tip #5: Wedges do what they say on the tin, my only advise would be buy ones that don't clop clop when you walk.

Tip #6: Unfortunately, wide leg jeans aren't great for petites as they drown you but this doesn't mean wear jeggings lol. Go for boyfriend or loose straight leg cuts, I always buy straight legs one size bigger so the jeans don't cling anywhere on my legs. With these jeans, dresses should fall to at least knee length, which your dress does.

This last outfit idea I made is with an abaya. I'm not sure if you wear abayas anywhere but I know that some hijabis where them if they are going to girl friends houses and want to wear dresses, skinny jeans etc when they get there so where an abaya over these outfits and take it off when indoors. Some also where abayas to the mosque and certain other occasions:

Tip #7: Every hijabi should have either a lovely abaya or jilbab in their wardrobe especially petite girls. They are so flattering and modest and work wonders on your height; for best results wear a coloured hijab with a plain black abaya that falls over a pair of wedges, you'll be amazed :D

Tip #8: Small girl=small bag! Don't be a slave to fashion and be tempted to go over sized on bags or jewelry

Tip #9: Never tuck boots into jeans, stick to heels and flats. If you're going to wear boots, wear them with a skirt.

Tip #10: Never be afraid to experiment with outfits, when you buy something new think of what it will go with in your wardrobe - this will save you buying a whole new outfit and will put an end to early morning style panics lol. I was thinking that this particular dress could be worn tucked in (yes, tucked in) to long black, straight skirt and paired with a denim jacket or cardigan but I didn't make this outfit because I don't know if the material of the dress would be light enough to allow it so you could experiment with that yourself.

Hope this has helped Iman! If anyone has any hijab style problems, just email me :D


Iman said...

Yay you're too awesome! This helped a lot. Thank you =) though I must say...I really do love my oversized purses :P

Anonymous said...

Salam.I like the first look,i'm always the cardigan girl.Thats for casual day.As for the blazer it look so formal and i dont think the checkered dress match the formality of the blazer.Sorry just my humble 2 cent

clare said...

excellent advice :D

Hijab Chic said...

Oh I love this post!!
Thank you so much :)

I totally agree about abayas for petites, I'm a petite sister as well and I think abaya is what suits me the best. I still wear big purses, but I agree, they do make me look kinda tiny. Anyways, thanks again! This was very helpful.

fairy said...

Thanks for sharing this tips! Really help me a lot. :)

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaykum
Isn't hijab/abaya supposed to conceal the shape and special features of your body, not market your assets in an attractive manner?

Asma said...

These were all great ideas! I really enjoyed this post :)

Anonymous said...

nice post~ yeah, i do believe every muslimah should have abaya regardless of their shapes n sizes. Thanks a mill darl!