20 October 2011

Justice Served?

Apparently Gaddafi's last words were pleas for mercy. I am not sure if he was granted this by being barbarically killed - some say martyred - and spared the degradation of a public trial, or if he deserved his bloody end. Of course the only justice he will ever receive in full is from his Creator.

I also find filming the killing of a human being nauseating at best and at worst, desensitizing. And was there a need to drag his mangled body through the streets? In Islam we must respect the dead, whoever they are. I must admit I found the actions of my fellow Arab Muslims today quite disappointing.

That said I am glad that the Libyans can now look to the future with hope. I wish them all the very best.


Kamille Elahi said...

I'm also glad he's gone but the pictures and the dragging of his body did make me feel sick.

Anonymous said...


What was Libya's beef with Gaddafi?


Stylish Muslimah said...

Imran: Is that a rhetorical question..?!

He was a dictator who waged unnecesary wars, killed vast amounts of people for not believing in his Green Book ideology, funded terrorists and was generally just a tyrannical pyscho.

Anonymous said...

Not a rhetorical question.

I don't know much about Gaddafi or Libya's history, so I was just wondering why they'd wanna kill him. Thank you for your reply.


Stylish Muslimah said...

I don't see why they would want to kill him, he did a lot of wrong that he should have answered to. It's such a waste because they found him alive.. I think more people would have liked to see him go to trial than see his body being dragged through the streets.


Anonymous said...

mabrook to all libyans . he deserves his death . and he will be answerable to allah .
By Bye gaddafi ya scahfsufah .

Señorita Andalucíana said...

I think the best punishment for him would have to made him live to see a peaceful, free Libya behind the bars of some prison. I think living with guilt and shame are worse than death.

I had to change the channel when I saw the pictures, haven't seen the video nor do I plan to.

Best wishes to the Libyan people and may peace finally be theirs.

Stylish Muslimah said...

Senorita Andaluciana: I completely agree, he go the easy way out.

Anonymous said...

Earthquake in Turkey kills more than 260, and wounded more than 1,000.

mumtaza said...

i know he was a dictator, bad man, etc. but i really loved qaddafi. when i was a little girl during the reagan era and he was such a menace here in america i would see his name spelled all different ways, and it was the first time that i saw the adults spell the same word many different ways in the newspaper. that made me laugh to think the adults messed up. then i realized, after bringing it up to an adult, that his name was from a different alphabet, so one could decide how to spell it in this alphabet. that lead to the realization that there were OTHER alphabets! a huge realization for a little american girl that had just learned to read.
over the years seeing him tell the West to get bent pleased me tremendously. He also had the stones to dress in Libyan clothes, by a Libyan designer. he seemed proud of where he came from, not like some post-colonial assimilationist.
and those that are very young now will not remember, but he was very good-looking. his nickname was "Al-Jameel", "The Beautiful one".


Leila and Aliya said...

Hello Zainab,
Stop bothering my sister. Just because you write an article about something DOES NOT mean that anyone automatically can't write about it. She didn't even know about your article, and can completely justify writing her own. We are not even avid readers of your blog anymore, after the first time you accused my sister of "stealing" your article. we apologized and that should be quite sufficient for you. And NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER tell me, or my sister for that matter, that WE have no sense of religion. Don't tell us we don't know Islam after YOU accuse us for something we haven't done. WE ARE OLDER THAN YOU, SO LEARN SOME RESPECT. Because a major part of Islam is to respect your elders. You are an impertinent child. Don't tell me you aren't, we have been around longer than you have. From now on, if any of either my or my sisters articles resemble yours at all, do not talk to us about "copying" because we dont read your blog at all as of now. Maybe it doesn't matter to you, but on the Day of Judgement the scales will weigh heavily against you, and you will ask for forgiveness.


libyan glamour said...

firstly i really dont agree with about that even though he's a dictator they should of killed
coz i think he deserves every hit and slap he got i seriously do
the real irony was him asking them whats going on when he's tortured his poeople for 42 years and now for the past 8 months he got mercenary into the country to kill anyone that was against him
a sniper killed my cousin at his front door after friday prayers
i grow up wishing that everyday is the he dies coz because of him we had to leave libya and leave our family our home everything

Zainab Al Rubaii said...

hey zainab! could u plz tell the other sisters to vist my new blog?
thanx, from ur sister zainab

Aisha said...

mumtaza : now the libyans call him shafshoofa which means frizz head . and even though you thought he was good looking its whats in the inside .

Anonymous said...

At home we have been quite surprised and sad to hear what happened. Answering violence by violence does not empower us as humans. Thought we all have to agree M. Gaddafi was a tyrant, he deserved a fair trial - The last judgement is God's one.

romzi said...

salam all,

in my opinion this is not the time we celebrate or insult allahyarham muaamar gadaffi..he's still believe allah and rasullulah..and he is muslim not kafir or musyrikin...maybe he repent before he being killed..And yes he is dictator,cruel but this is not time for us to insult him,he is muslim..you know the nasara and al-yahud clapping their hands out there, because muslim fighting each others,,and their love to see it...we kill each others..for what!!!..their try everything to extinguish allah light to destroy islam..but allah will perfected his light even nasara and al-yahud hate it..same goes to allahyarham saddan hussein...same situation...This all propaganda play by certain groups to conquer the world...to divide us..among muslim...The al-yahud invented democracy,human rights,socialism,feminism,communism to divide our ummah..that why we heard so many groups or movement within islam..if its happen to us,just go back to al-quran and sunnah...

Rasullulah said:

You must therefore strive to follow my exemplary practice [sunnati], and the exemplary practice of the rightly guided Caliphs [sunnat al-khulafa' ar-rashidin] after I am gone. You must hold on to it with a very tight grip, and doggedly sink your teeth into it. You must beware of novel fashions [muhdathat al-umur], for every novelty is an heretical innovation [bid'a], and every heretical innovation is a deviation from the right path.
Sunnan Tirmizi #2676

Mumtaza said...

@Romzi "the Nasara and Al-Yahud", Christians and Jews(?) are People of the Book and we all worship the same God.

@Aisha I could also be called "frizz-head" and so could probably most of the population of Libya. I'm happy to be nappy. LOL.

@libyan glamour I'm really sorry about your cousin.

Aisha said...

MUMTAZA :what i meant was that he was a evil man and who cares if he was good looking when he was young ( in your opinion ) .and i didnt mean that libyans call him frizzhead so that means he should not be happy , its the fact he was a tyrant and he killed innocent civillians - these are the things he should have been ashamed of of.
oh well shafshoofa ( frizz head ) is gone and dead . now inshallah libya will have a bright future .

san said...

I personally think that what thwy did to Gaddafi is too cruel. just like killing an animal. no humanity. Gaddafi was not just a bad man, he had done a lot to make libya a better country. I heard that the libyans can study freely, no need to pay. I also think that there's something behind what happened in Libya, somehing like a conspiracy.. I'm not sure, but it looks like that for me.