25 February 2012

"Her Hijab" Tag

I wasn't specifically tagged for this but I've seen a few hijabis on YouTube do it so I decided to tag myself :(

Here goes nothing...

1) What was the first hijab you ever bought?
The first scarf I ever bought with the intention of wearing as a headscarf was an H&M one with gold embroidery, for around £10. It's odd because when I didn't wear hijab I would happily pay that price for a scarf, but now I think that anything over a fiver is ridiculous.  

2) What was the first hijab style you wore?
One that was far too tight with far too many knots and pins, and pretty much impossible to remove. Now that's what I call enthusiasm.

3) What is your favourite colour hijab, or what colour hijab do you have most of in your closet?
Favourite: A light pink floral one.
Own the most of: White pashminas.
4) Who is your favourite Hijab guru? Why?
Without a doubt, Pixie from I Love Hishma. I have never told her this but reading her blog contributed hugely to my wearing hijab. A close second would have to be Ange from what was formally Hegab Rehab and now Miss Hijabi - she's pretty hilarious. I feel like I legit know them both and yes, I am aware of how stalkerish I sound so..

5) Who was the first person you watched on YouTube who did hijab tutorials?
I think her name was Maddie, she's Egyptian American and I adored her channel. I remember watching her tutorials when I was still thinking about wearing hijab; she doesn't post anymore which is a shame.

6) What is the beauty in hijab?
I can't think of a trait more attractive in a human being - male or female - than modesty.

7) What does hijab mean to you?
Obeying Allah (SWT).

8) What is your go to everyday hijab style?
One side short, the other side long; wrap once; done :)

9) What are your favourite hijab accessories?
Unless you count a straight pin as an accessory, I don't accessorise my headscarf.

10) What is your favourite place to buy hijabs?
H&M, Primark and the occasional scarf stall.

I tag everyone. Yeh, it's the cop-out tag, I know.


Mona Z said...

I love this idea. Its interesting to read about how people started, how they wear it,etc. I think I'll do this. :)

Mona Z said...

I'm so sorry about the mix up. I was in a rush and doing 5 other things and wanted to remember to do this post so I pasted the whole thing in a draft but I guess I published it by accident. I apologize profusely!

Stylish Muslimah said...

Mona: Don't apologise! I didn't mind you had reposted it at all but I was just interested to read you answers xD

Salam x

Mona Z said...

Thanks for understanding. I re-did it. Fun tag.

*Farah Pop* said...

....awww this is cutee...i may have to steal the idea too x


Stylish Muslimah said...

Yay I feel like a legit trend setter xD

Roshni said...

Oh wow..Ima do it do it inshAllah ^.^

Fatima said...

LOL that was verrrry fun to read! Reminded me of my first hijabi days...You are so right, after you become hijabi and you get so many hijabs you really feel anything above $5 is wayyy to much!
P.S) Is everyone obsessed with the word legit these days?!

Stylish Muslimah said...

Fatima: Hahahaaa! I don't know where everyone else got the word legit from but I got it from American YouTube comedy sketches, then I got all my friends saying it haha xD

Salam x

♥ Miss Hijabi said...

hahaha thanks!

Fatima said...

That explains it then! I am American :) Lol. Everyone it saying it.
E.g.) Dude, like she invited everyone. Like, legit everyone.

Sarah said...

i loved your answers mA. its amazing how one piece of fabric on your head can change so much about your life


Anonymous said...

Wud u ever consider starting ure own youtube channel?
Love ure blog!

Stylish Muslimah said...

Anon: Aw thank you, I'm glad you like the blog :) I considered it for a while but I think I'd rather just stick to blogging as I barely seem to have time to do that these days!

Salam x

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Zaenab.

I don't know the exact date, except that it's in the first week of March.


Stylish Muslimah said...

Anon: Aw thank you! xD It's actually in the 3rd week of March but you're close enough lol.

Salam :)