23 February 2012

The All Merciful, The Oft-Forgiving (SWT)

Allāh (SWT) says: 

O Son of Ādam, indeed you will not supplicate to Me and hope from Me expect that I will forgive you in proportion to what came from you, and I will not mind.
O son of Ādam, if your sins were to reach in magnitude the height of the heavens and then you were to ask Me for forgiveness, I would forgive you.
O son of Ādam, were you to come to Me with sins that almost fill the earth and you met Me without ascribing to Me any partners, I would come to you with its size in forgiveness.
[Hadīth Qudsi]


Roshni said...

I came across this Hadith recently elsewhere and it gave me goosebumps then and now again. SubhanAllah!

Sarah said...

when you think about how much we are all in need of that forgiveness, it makes it easier to forgive others when they wrong you. this is a beautiful hadith


beingFab said...

Great post!! There are a few 'scholars' who keep on focusing on the 'wrath of Allah' and 'cursed ones' and all the punishment stuff, giving such negative vibes. I wish more of them spent some effort on propagating sayings like the ones you've mentioned.

Sheena said...

I have found some of the most moving Hadiths to be those that make everything around you stop still. Like the whole world falls away and you can just focus on such beautiful words. That's exactly how I felt reading this Hadith. So beautiful and fills my heart with love for Allah:)thank you for posting.


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