04 February 2015

Rest in Peace Moaz Al-Kasasbeh

May the people responsible, and the people who support the actions of Da'ish ("ISIS"), both openly or secretly, the people who were in a position to prevent what happened but didn't, the people who supply this organisation with weapons and money, the people who filmed, the people who sent in tweets suggesting ways to murder this Arab pilot, the people who do not condemn the actions of these twisted, scumbag bastards, be punished without mercy in the most disgusting, painful and degrading way conceivable to man.


There are no words I can use to describe the sorrow caused by the brutal murder of this heroic man, who was brave until the very end.

Allah (swt) rest the soul of Moaz Al-Kasasbeh and bring down Your wrath on the barbarians who murdered him. Amen. 


Yukirat said...

I was deeply, deeply saddened about Al-Kasasbeh. What a deep shame that even that country that tried so hard to stay out of conflict is now being dragged in. I prayed that at least the pilot would be saved and was stunned that not only the Japanese, but he was not saved.

There have been some news stories about why people get radicalized, about their empathy and desire to help their suffering fellows in the Middle East. But "helping their suffering fellows" is not what these radicals appear to be doing. Maybe in addition to all these horrible acts, they are also doing some decent things that didn't get on TV, but no one with any belief in God could think that kind of execution was divinely ordained. Unfortunately, it is also true that many horrible things have been done in Iraq without the same condemnation in the press. But nothing justifies what happened.

There was a politician who said Western countries trying to resolve this issue by force won't work, because that would only increase the perception of the West vs. Islam, which is precisely what the extremists want. He said it's really a struggle for the soul of this religion, and that there will be no way to stop it except from within. I don't know. But I hope it can be resolved in peace.

StylishMuslimah said...

Yukirat: You are very right that similar things have happened to poor Iraqi soldiers and people haven't batted an eyelid. It is all very sad.

I can guarantee you that they are doing nothing decent, on or off camera. They are Devils and deserve nothing but death.

Thanks for commenting your thoughts.. I'm hugely disappointed by the level of response I get for posts about Muslim terrorists, I feel like Muslims either do not care or support the actions. I hope upon hope that it is the former.

Salam x