12 February 2010

Hijab Fashion: Copycat Style

I love the model's style in this photo, it's so chic and polished but, no doubt, comes with a heavy price tag. Here are some items inspired by the look that wouldn't break the bank..

1. Large print floral - ASOS.com

2. Black and orange floral - missselfridge.com

3. Black and pink floral - charlotterusse.com


1. Black mac - debenhams.com

2. White blazer - forever21.com

3. Red jacket - debenhams.com

Okay, they are my greatest weakness so I got slightly ahead of myself when looking for the bags and the price limit slipped my mind a little on some of them. But I have said before and will continue saying, if there is one part of your outfit you shouldn't be stingy with it's definitely the bag. You could be dressed head to foot in Prada but if you ent got the right bag you might as well have bought your gear from Peacocks..

1. Accessorize - £32

2. Yesstyle - Not available but I'm in love with it so had to be in there, soz.

3. Zappos - $269 (Gustto)

4. Katespade.com - see No.2 comment :S

5. Zappos - $188 (Marc by Marc Jacobs)

(Yehh, I know the bags show no resemblance to the one in the pic, sorry..!)


sherah said...

ow i love this one..i have 4 pairs of coat but dont know how to mix and match them thank you :D

myownpersonalrehab said...

I have a bag similar to the one in the picture from Victoria Secret

Anonymous said...

first pic from turkey. armine isnt expensive.

zainab said...

luv em! im only 12 so im not sure if that hijab style would match me? :S help!! any ideas?

Anonymous said...

luv em! im only 12 so im not sure if that hijab style will suit me...... any advise?