23 February 2010

Loose Hijabis..

I'm fed up with my current hijab style and am feeling the need for a more loose, free look: It is almost spring after all, even if it doesn't feel that way. I have been searching for some nice looks to try out that preferably require fewer than half a dozen pins (not likely really) and here's what I found..

A video by the ChicMaya, can't wait to try this look out

If you would prefer not to sweat all day but still want to wrap 2 pashminas in a loose style, try this out:
Other styles I like:

Chic and party worthy:

More of a winter look:

Alternatively, if you are just bored with life and can't really be bothered (i.e. me..), then this is the look for you:


deppy said...

Well try pashmina/cotton scarf fabric, it gives different looks, I love loosen hijab but it can reveal so much flesh though. if you have tips on loosen with showing less flesh please share :)

Hethr said...

I could never wear it like that. I'd end up with an entire meal trapped in there! I'm horrible that way! I need the tight look.

aishi lely said...

i love pic number 1.. simple and so sweet... ^_^

Aisha said...

me too..i'm so fed up with my current hijab style..need to switch it up a little..:)

Would've been really nice if you could check out my blog..:)

Juliana said...

I'm extremely lazy. I hate hijab styles that require too many pins too. I also hate those that require the cloth to be pulled tight around the neck. You may want to try "hoojab". See this youtube video by Amenakin. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwXlF1TtawQ

She has a website that sells the hoojab.

Shasharishi said...

Love the first one, the yellow one and the 'winter look'. I'm definitely going to have to experiment with this one! x

MYGA said...


You have a cool blog mashallah keep it up :)