18 February 2010

Reader's Look: Sha Sha's Hijab Style

Sha Sha is a reader and loves to experiment with her hijab which she is wearing part time at the moment. She gets her inspiration from Morocco and loves Berber style and I happen to love her style! Check it out:
Loving the colour-combo:
This is soo adorable:
I found 2 tutorials that are not the same but pretty similar to her hijab style. You can sort of work out how its done anyway, just experiment.

A version with neck coverage, if you want it:

If you have your own unique hijab style and want to be featured, just email me :D


M.J. said...

pretty masAllah!! she's very cute too :)

tealovecoffee said...

I'd prefer the one with neck cover :)

Anonymous said...

tesettüre uygun değil! saçlar kenardan çıkıyor..

Shasharishi said...

Thank you ladies :) It is really easy to adapt this style to cover the neck as well, using the ends of the scarf to tuck one around the back and one around the front like the tribespeople in the Sahara. I will send Zaenab some more pics! :)

Shasharishi said...

Thank you :) It is really easy to adapt the style to cover the neck like the tribespeople of the sahara - I will send more pics to Zaenab so you can see what I mean! :)

marie said...

i agree the neck, ears and all hair has to be covered

Zaenab said...

Marie: She's only just started wearing it..

Zainab said...

thanx heaps for these styles but i thought that the neck should be covered? could u plz send more styles but ones that dont bare the neck, thanx!