02 July 2010

Zainab's Request: Maxi Styling

I recently had a request from Zainab who has bought a turquoise maxi dress from H&M and is wondering how to wear it. I know the dress she is talking about as I have seen it myself in the store but H&M does not have an online shop so I have found a dress that looks similar to it.
Here's some formal and casual jacket ideas for the dress (the items are all under $50):

Maxi Dress

Maxi Dress by Zaenab

For more ideas, check out this post.


Mikaela H B said...

it´s lovely! Kinda hippie. I love it.

zainab said...

Thank you so much!

AeNa Helaena said...

really cool.
i like the turqoise dress.

Anonymous said...

i wear my maxi-dress with a denim shirt, it's less hot than a denim jacket and it's fashion so you can find them everywhere!

Anonymous said...

Salaam, Zaenab.

Seems like the Gulf might bail out BP.


Indonesian Prince