27 July 2010

*Tumbleweed Blows By*

Sorry for the recent lack of posts, I've been a bit busy as I've just started my new summer job, yayy :D It's at a popular theme park so it's quite exciting stuff! Anyway, even if I did have time to post I wouldn't be able to as I'm running very low on Internet allowance at the moment and that doesn't get topped up until August.. I should be back on track in a week or so.


Hethr said...

I have nominated your blog for a Versatile Blogger Award because your search for modest/islamic style mixed in with your humour is something that I think is commendable!

Anon! said...

Too bad! I was really loving the past few posts. But hope to see you back with some new fashion posts soon. I draw lots of manga-style girls with fashion based on the posts you put up so please keep them coming!

Blue Pearl said...

Salaam alaikum dear one, Just dropping by to say رمضان كريم, May Allah make your fasts the fasts of those who fast sincerely, Inshallah. Barakallah feek

Anonymous said...


I just came across your blog yesterday whilst looking for a long sleeved maxi dress on google. I'm not Muslim, but an observant Jew - so I hope I'm welcome here too :)

I think you're style is really cute! I got some good tips from you - like denim jacket with maxi dress not just long sleeved top underneath.

Thanks very much, and I'm looking forward to coming back to read more of your posts.

Elisheva x x