27 December 2011

A Christian Hijabi Goth

Never thought I'd write those words in the same sentence.. Actually, when I thought I'd seen it all in the hijab world I came across this very interesting video about a Christian goth explaining why she wears the hijab.

Well that's me subscribed! Check out her other videos here.


Labella Iman said...

Wow That is amazing! I think its awesome that shes wearing hijab for her reasons, and it goes hand in hand with her faith as well...:)

The Black Jubah said...

Wow, she feels respected by dressing that way..Alhamdulillah....Allah is all knowing and He knows what is best for us.

Panya said...

Two pious Christian women I used to work with -- one Protestant, one Mormon -- were interested in wearing hijab after I explained the reasons for it. I told them to try it out, that there's no rule/law saying that only Muslims can wear hijab! I mean, Catholic nuns basically wear hijab -- I really see no difference.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to watch this, because i am also thinking in the same way what she does, about wearing the hijab which means it is not only more one clothe you are going to wear, but there are more things behind the hijab, one of them what i noticed more it is the respect from the other people and the way people are going to judge you when look at you, even being Christian what she told that is written in the Bible about the women have to wear in a modest way to be respectful, it is completely true, although, unfortunately, most of the people who are Christian in the world are not following it as a serious matter.
I truly feel happy for her!

The Muslimah Monologues said...

Mashallah I think its really sweet that she truly represents the meaning of hijab and why to wear it; modesty and 'Haya'.

I was just wondering at first, whether she married a Muslim man? But not too sure now...


(a muslim girl's journey to finding her soul mate)

Anonymous said...

subhanallah...beautiful vid ..thanks for sharing.
This is a good reminder to muslima's as well as others. She explains her reason for wearing hijab in a lovely way..and i love how she doesn't care if ppl think she's a muslim, Mashallah.

HalaalPepperoni said...

This is amazing SubhanAllah! That you for sharing :)

Pond of Crafts said...

Very interesting...anyone else noticed and wonder why, she always starts with salaam alaykum? I am hoping that perhaps her path will be lead as mine was, trying to learn more about my christianity..then actually discovering the truth in Islam (Alhamdullilah). Inshallallah we will someday call her a sister, I will make dua for this :D

TWOFAACES♥♠ said...

You have a very nice blog. :)

What do you think about follow each other? :)

Peace, twofaaces

Gothmummi isnttelling said...

I'm engaged to a christian man, and i always start with salaam alaikum because it means 'peace be upon you' *as you all know* and i think thats always a nice way to great someone :)
who knows, maybe one day i'll be muslim but for now i'll stay as i am. God knows whats good for us, i have faith He'll guide me right. xxx

Miss Iffa said...

Mashallah, it is great to see people view the hijab in this way!
Your blog is amazing, mashallah sis, well done and keep it up! I have followed, please follow back!
-- www.theeasternpearl.blogspot.com

Joanne said...

The bible not only says to dress modestly but it also says women are to cover their heads. Covering represents modesty and also submission to the one God put over you.

Most professing christians today do not want to wear a covering or dress modestly, and you can see the fruit of that. Likewise, there are a lot of teachings in the bible that most professing christians ignore.

My daughter and I wear our scarves tied either behind our heads or wrapped around like muslims do. Here is a picture of me and my children if you are interested:

Thanks for the post; this was interesting.

Stylish Muslimah said...

Joanne: I'm so glad you commented, I shall definitely be reading your blog from now! Also the photo is absolutely beautiful, honestly it put a smile on my face.

About your other comment, the Quran and the old and new testament have huge similarities. That is because they came from One Source. I don't know if you are aware of this but Muslims believe in the (Prophet) Jesus Christ (PBUH) and the immaculate conception. In fact, there is a whole chapter in the Quran on the Virgin Mary and Jesus ("Isa" in Arabic) is mentioned by name far more times in the Quran than the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH).

Please do drop by again!
Salam x

Joanne said...

Yes, I have a copy of the Quran and have read about Christ/Isa and Mary/Maryam in it. The bible seems to have a lot more of Christ's teachings and also there are differences between the bible and the quran that I have found. And too, I have a book called "Islam in Focus" that I got from the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City that explains a lot ... but sadly it seems their idea of a christian is the modern christian and that is just not so. It would be neat to see what they would think of christians who actually obey what Christ taught?

On a totally different subject, I have yet to find a light scarf for the hotter months; doe you or anyone else have suggestions on the TYPE of fabric that would be good to use? We wrap scarves around in winter but it just gets too hot in the summer. I found that a cotton undercap offers some relief but it still gets much too hot for me.

Any tips on hijabs and heat? Thanks.

j in MO

Stylish Muslimah said...

Joanne: Yes, of course there are differences between the Quran and the bible, but the message is the same - unfortunately modern day Christianity resembles nothing of the true faith.

What Muslims fail to understand about Christianity is the belief that God, The Almighty, The Everlasting would restrict himself to a lowly human form just needs to eat and sleep and use the toilet. The belief that a mere human is God is illogical, God is All-Powerful, Oft-forgiving, and he does not need to sacrifice himself to forgive mankind.

In the bible it says that Jesus was but a man sent to guide the lost people of Israel. He felt hunger and pain. He never claimed to be God or asked to be worshiped.

It is also in the bible that Jesus would prostrate to God. How can a God worship himself?

Also, the true Christians and Jews are described as "the people of the book" or "ahl-lul kitaab" in the Quran. Allah (SWT) has said that he will judge justly between them.

About the scarves, I find that the thin, polyester scarves from Primark are very good for summer. You can also get them from H&M and probably online as well.

Hope that helps :) x

Joanne said...

Hello again! I nearly forgot to respond here.

I understand your confusion about God / Jesus being a man, etc. I wont claim to have it all figured out, because I don't and I never will. I think much of the confusion (speaking of people in general, not you specifically) comes from the fact that most do not understand why Christ died. They think he died so God could forgive sin, but God was forgiving sin long before Christ came to the earth.

There are two different ways to view Christ's atonement. One would be the 'satisfaction model' and the other would be the 'ransom model'. Most today believe in the 'satisfaction model' and it seems that is what you are familiar with. It is interesting to note though that the 'satisfaction model' did not exist until hundreds of years after Christ died (a thousand years or so?). Christ did not come so that God could forgive man. Christ came to overcome Satan; to overcome sin and death so that we too could have the power to do the same. His teachings of teachings of love and peace ... even towards our enemies. Most professing christians today would support america going to war and killing people. They would also think it's all right to vote, participate in war, divorce and remarry, and so on. Yet Christ very clearly taught against all these things and more.

Some (most) christians believe in the trinity ... that God is three in one (that God, Christ and the Spirit are all one). I do not see this doctrine in the bible. It makes no sense to me that Christ would be praying to himself (as you also mentioned). The trinity doctrine seems to me to be something you have to be taught, not something you can just see for yourself in the bible. I always get skeptical of stuff like that. I still wont claim that I understand fully about God and Christ and their relationship with each other, but it does seem clear in the bible that they are not the same person (though it does say there are "one" but we can be "one" with them as well!)

Another common thing today is that professing christians believe that if you try to do anything to please God then you are performing a "work" and "works wont save us." This just makes me ill. Christ said very clearly: we must obey. Period. If we do not obey, we do not love him. If we do not love him, we do not love God. If we do not love God, we are none of his and belong to Satan instead.

There is so much more I could say here but I don't want to take up too much of your time!!

Thank you for explaining about "ahl-lul kitaab" in the Quran. I will write that down and look it up when I can. Also, thank you for the names of the stores ... I did a google search and found some info that seemed helpful.

Love, j

Stylish Muslimah said...

Joanne: I'm glad you replied!

I found your comment very interesting indeed; it seems that your personal beliefs regarding the subject for more in line with the Islamic views than the current Christian opinions.

You write "Christ came to overcome Satan; to overcome sin and death so that we too could have the power to do the same". Do you mean by this that man was not able to overcome Satan before Christ [PBUH]? What then, was the purpose of man before, if not to overcome Satan and worship God?

If Christ was sent to overcome evil and to guide man to the straight path as you imply what sets him apart from Abraham, Noah, Joseph, Adam, Lot and all of the other prophets [PBUT] who were sent for the same purpose?

If you read the Quran you will come to realise that Islam is a completion of the religions of God, like a seal which brings together the books and rules of God. It is not an individual religion set apart from the others, rather its roots are from Jesus, Abraham and eventually Adam and Eve [PBUT].

Glad you found some online store for the scarves! :)

Zialeena said...

And I thought it was only me! What a beautiful way to claim (or reclaim) self-respect as a woman and as a woman of faith! Maybe we can reverse the trend toward sluttiness in fashion, too. Women from 14 to 74 look grotesque these days, not pretty at all. Thanks, Stylish Muslimah, for the lovely fashions, advice and support!

Judit Wiese said...

I do cover, too, as a christian believer. I can agree to the most things, Joanne had written, yet there are some verses in the bible that say "Jesus...the true God".
And I was very sceptical in the beginning of my faith, if the bible had been changed...But there are NO scientic proofs, so I was happy to take the bible as it is...and respectfully I cover, because of the angels, I even don´t eat porc, for I think, God knows better what is good for us, and not every animal was created to be eaten. I am against divorce or other things, the muslim regard as "christian". But the Word of God is strictly, and Jesus said, not everyone who calls him Lord will be saved, but he who obeys... Many greetings