08 December 2011

Statement Scarf*

I have always thought that the "rule" of having to have a "statement" piece in your outfit to make it work is generally not true. Outfits can look good with no statement pieces in them at all. Anyway, that's besides the point because the following look does contain a statement item - the scarf. Wearing a statement scarf is something I have not been keen on doing recently but if you dress it with simple clothes it can look really nice and not too try-hard. 
Aztec Scarf

*A "statement scarf" is not necessarily a scarf that's sparkly/shiny/glittery/tassely/mirrored.. that's just a social-suicide scarf.


Asiya said...

lol...I happen to be a huge fan of social suicide scarves. I just bought a few from H&M.

Stylish Muslimah said...

Asiya: LOL fair enough xD Whatever floats your boat I guess! Salam x

Anonymous said...

Khadija umm Aylioun: assalaam u aleikum wa Rahmaatoullahi wa Barakathu,

Sis its soooo cute but... Lets be honest not really hijaab is it...?
Throwing on a long coat over a skinny jeans doesnt make it proper hijaab. It is a beautiful coat though... And the heels with the shoes, not so good for going outside. Sorry sis i dont mean to be the "haram police" on you because i love ur blog and your style. But just incase anybody plans to copy: not really hijaab.

But i thought i saw u mention somewhere that its just for inspiration right? If everybody's clear on that ill just shut my mouth after giving you cudos.

Peace and love

Stylish Muslimah said...

Anon: Yes it's for inspiration lol. I really just expect people to know what is right and wrong hijab by now.

Salam x