14 June 2012

Blazer Styling

I went on a little shopping trip with my mum today and bought a nice black blazer from H&M. Blazers are super versatile and can be styled in lots of ways - I like to keep the dress underneath plain and shapeless as I think the blazer provides enough structure and style on it's own.

Unfortunately the Chanel bag in the outfit is wishful thinking :"(


KelebekGibi said...

I like this Style ;)

Tak Pe Je said...

My, you and Chanel...! ;) not easy to find such blouse, though.. Or may be I've been going to wrong places. xx, TPJ.

Mrs. Knitters said...

Although jeans aren't my favorite kind of trousers, I love the outfit - it's so simple yet very stylish

Kamille Elahi said...

This outfit is lovely! My parents would still have problems with it. I think they just want me to dress like a granny.

Even if I had the money, I couldn't buy the Chanel bag without feeling so much guilt I'd end up giving it to someone else.

I love blazers. Unless they've got a school logo on.

Stylish Muslimah said...

KelebekGibi: Thanks :D

Tak Pe Je: I know! Chanel is so the way to my heart lol.
It might be easier to get these tops online.

Mrs. Knitters: Glad you like <3

Kamille Elahi: LOL, brothers are worse I think!
I know what you mean about the Chanel but honestly if you ever feel guilty about buying one I would be more than happy to take it off your hands xD

Salam x

Kamille Elahi said...

My male cousins and brothers actually laughed once that I dress like a granny and should dress my own age. My mum is okay with me being girly and wearing nice things but it's the male uncles who go mental a bit too much. I was wearing two inch heels and my uncle told me off :/

Ce² said...

I love this style! Going to wear something similar :D

Anonymous said...

asalaamu alaikum...I like everything but the pants...girl, those things are skin tight, booty showing pants that expose the awrah. You know thats not hejab...c'mon sis...if they were baggier and covered the curves properly then the outfit would be pretty decent esp if the tunic was quite long. But...skinnies? *eeks*...I usually like you styles...but the skinnies just ruin the whole outfit. Shukr has some lovely uber wide legged, modest pants out...id switch those scrawny skinnies for the Shukr ones or a similar pair from somewhere else. Esp as sisters come here for naseehah about hejab...its impt to give advice based on whats Islamically appropriate and skinnies show the curves. Y'know...cuz Im sure u know. *wink*.

Stylish Muslimah said...

Umm Ibrahim: I think it's fine with the long top.

Salam x

Zahra said...

That blazer is really stylish! It's an awesome look.