24 April 2009

Maxi Dress Ideas - Forever21

I got a request to put some outfits together for maxi dresses from forever21. Here are three looks that I have come up with, all for under $100. All of the items of clothing featured are from forever21:

Coming in at a cool $73.40, this outfit will keep you going all summer and is perfect for a days shopping:

Chill out in this floral number that has holiday written all over it:

And finally, my favorite set:

Summer maxis are a muslimahs best friend :D


*~Ange~* said...

love the last dress. its so nice.

Inspired Muslimah said...

So cute and now I finally know what a maxi dress is!!

M.J. said...

yay!!! jazakAllah khair for posting, i wouldve never known hot to put everything together and here you have done it so cute three times!!! i love them all, esp. the second!

Anonymous said...

what program do you use to make these sets? becaues theyre not on your polyvore? im just curious because id love to do it too? very nice job btw !

Anonymous said...

i LOVE your style ;)

Zaenab said...

Anon No 1: I just use image composer 1.5, i usually use polyvore but that gets boring sometimes :D

Anon No 2: lol thaaanks!! ^-^

Glad you liked them M.J :]

Anonymous said...

hi!love the dresses and accesories!
i love maxi dresses too.
can you maybe help me glam up a maxi dress to make it look formal rather than too casual?
any ideas?

Zaenab said...


Hi, heres a post i did for outfits to a formal dinner, hope that helps :D


Zaenab xx