28 April 2009

Outfit Ideas

A nice simple outfit with a tailored jacket to keep it on trend :D


halal lipstick said...

Salam sister,

This outfit are something normally we muslim sisters in Malaysia are wearing :)


aka_Mariha said...

Do you have any suggestions for appropriate clothing to wear during the humid summers in Florida?? I can't even seem to find long sleeve shirts here to buy - even in the winter. And I'm so terrible at fashion (especially layering) I just get stuck and frustrated!

clare said...

for aka_Mariha-
I know, I'm from FL & live in DC now where it is equally hot in the summer. One suggestion I have is to shop online because they might have a wider selection than what the stores in FL will stock. Also for long-sleeves, the Gap has black, gray & white thin tees in the "Gap Body" section which are great. Hope that helps a little!

Zaenab said...

Mariha: Hi! sorry i havent forgotten about your request iv just been a tad busy lately but il post some ideas soon insh'allah :D