28 March 2015

INSANE makeup transformations by Sadaf Wassan

I recently came across Sadaf Wassan, a YouTube makeup artist and was so impressed by her transformations. She is incredibly talented and deserves a LOT more views and subscribers than she has, especially when compared to some of the more popular makeup artists on YouTube. Here are a couple of looks she has on her channel, the transformations are really outstanding.


She also has a website - www.sadafhairandbeauty.co.uk if you're in Manchester and want to check her out. It has some awesome before and afters on there too.


It's insane what a good makeup artist can do to a face!


Nai @ TPJ said...

Salam. It's like a sweet dream you'll never wanna wake up from. So sweet that it's scary, even to end it.
:) thanks for sharing! Insane, indeed.

Liuba said...

How she can do that??? I am not using makeup and feeling sorry for these girls that would need such transformations :( But I am glad that there are such talented girls that could help.

StylishMuslimah said...

I know I felt kind of sorry for them too but the makeup is awesome! Xx