27 November 2008

Celebrity Style Steal..Hala Shiha

Egyptian actress Hala Shiha is my next style steal, I'm not entirely sure if she still wears the hijab but I'm not to fussed about it either. I couldn't find many photos of her hijab style but here's what I managed to dig out:

First off, she's gone pretty casual in this picture, I like the look I just hope there's nothing evenly remotly related to denim on the bottom half :S It looks like she's gone for a belt above the hips- a far better alternative to wearing a waist belt if you really must wear one at all.

Hmm, personally I think this is so tightly wrapped it looks more like a bandage..but on the plus side you can wear dangley earrings with this style and still cover your ears. I think it would look better with a patterned scarf if you want to wrap it so tightly.

This tuquoise hijab is so cute ^-^

And my fave pic, I love the colours and if that's a dress it certainly looks stunning:

My steal, is of her demin jacket look..ahh who doesn't love a maxi dress?

(Little?) Red Dress by Zaenab

I'm not sure about her style simply because the photos don't show the whole outfits..hope you liked it anyway :D


Anonymous said...

she still wears hijab.

Anonymous said...

Ab Arabic hijab song for her.


Mona said...

Very pretty, I applaud her and Hanan Turk for going against the grain and wearing hijab as actresses in Egypt.

Anonymous said...

the beige/lavender pic is her wedding getup i think. and i have that pic on my wall! So beautiful.

Yasmin said...

The second picture made me laugh. It really does look like she has a bandage wrapped around her head and neck. But I do love the color of her hijab in the first pic..very pretty.

*~Ange~* said...

i think she wears niqab now actually.. its either her or some other egyptian actress..

Anonymous said...

yes she is wearing niqab now.