04 November 2008

Celebrity Style Steal..Elham Hamidi

Today's style steal is on the Iranian actress Elham Hamidi. Truth be told I don't know much about her but she did star in a movie called "Kheili dour, kheili nazdik" in 2005. She also has a nice yet varied fashion sense, as these photos show:
I'm guessing this is an outfit she wore for the film but I think it's so cute with all the pink:

She certainly has some fabulous hijabs, I LOVE this style its soo pretty:

I wonder if she wore that for pink hijab day.. it's so cute:

Black tunic and jeans, hmm nice but it needs some brightening up!

I've done a bit of tweaking inspired by her stripy hijab of course..

A Cute Wrap Dress by Zaenab

This is such a cute pic, shes fresh-faced with some natural makeup. Perfect for the hijabi! Cute blue outfit too by the looks of it :D

And lastly, what an amazing costume..I'd wear it as a dress personally lol, well I might get rid of the crown and the drape thing first:

Keep it up Elham! ^-^


*~Ange~* said...

i love her hijabs!

M.J. said...

she's beautiful, but the last pic is a little much for me!

Inspired Muslimah said...

I love the polyvore set up top.

Inspired Muslimah said...

I love the polyvore set up top.