24 November 2008

Nabila's Pick Of The Week

Nabila's gone for check look today paired with some wide leg jeans and a contrasting belt for maximum effect. I really like the look:

Here's my version, I added a boyfriend cardigan and a grey scarf instead because this is how I would wear it:

Wide Legs by Zaenab

If you're tall, flats are great but if you're more petite go for something with a bit of heel. If want even more coverage, the highstreet usually has a selection of shirt dresses in check, or internet shops certainly will. Forever21 has one here and ASOS has a very pretty (and rather pricey) one here. Hope you like the pick!


*~Ange~* said...

why doesnt she ever cover her hip/abdomen area properly?
we shouldnt see that area on a hijabi.
she looks nice but needs to wear long shirts and not tuck them in.

Zaenab said...

Anonymous: You're attitude is very ugly so please do not comment on my blog unless you have the courage not to hide behind "anonymous" and you show a some respect.

Stylish Muslimah

zat said...

I love her style with wide flare jeans and red checkered shirt! Thats my fav style!
She's so fashionable..even though I have to agree that she should wear longer sleeves and more loose jeans instead on skinny jeans.
Anyway she's stylish

kaledkaled said...

love nabila muslimah style . i should try it :)