07 November 2008

Hijab On The Runway

I've had these pics for a while but haven't got round to posting them. I like the outfits because they're casual so you can take ideas from them and you don't usually see 'everyday' things on the runway..

OK, this is quite nice, I love the colours.. not sure about the long 'cardigan' though:

Next a cute purple outfit, this shouldn't really work but I think it does because the hijab's kind of shiny so it doesn't look like shes wearing the same colour top and hijab even though she is if you know what I mean lol.

Great skirt suit, which might I added is a staple for any professional women..the blue shirt goes really well with it and stops it from being bland and boring:

Interesting outfit next, I really like it but not sure if it looks nice just because it's on a model..

Looove these next two outfits! I cannot fault them :D

Hmm not sure about this one, the only time I ever like denim on the top half of an outfit is when its with a maxi dress or a long (NON DENIM) skirt. But it looks OK I guess:

And lastly, a cute shirt dress (I think..) it could be a jilbab actually, not sure but I really like the colour:


Mina said...

Oh I love the 1st 3 sets, they look so polished:P

Inspired Muslimah said...

Lots of pretty sets!