19 November 2008

Moroccan Style

The part of the world I'm looking at today is Morocco, I've been there before but I was far too young to remember the weather let alone the fashion tastes. I've done me research and here are my fave pics:

Street Style:

Cute pic showing a range of styles including the famous Moroccan dress. I have a couple of really beautiful ones from Arabia but they're about 3 inches too short now..

These women are modeling an array of lovely colours and patterns..so I thought they'd look a little more pleased..

Not too hot on the masking tape look but apart from that I wouldn't mind a good old rummage through these off street shops:

And also this slightly more uptown fashion store:

Aww, all in pink with a matching baby lol..

These pals certainly have differing tastes, I like the one with the trousers best:

Glam Style:

Beautiful Moroccan dresses next, I love them all and really wouldn't mind owning any of them although, if I had to choose, it would be the last one because I love that cream and red:

A rather wonderful take on Moroccan fashion next, I adore those gorgeous beaded necklaces. Stunning!

A Moroccan cross between a hijabi and non-hijab gives you this cute little number..

Ah, we've seen this before:

It's interesting, really, that Miss Morocco wears hijab but Miss Saudi Arabia doesn't..but that's a different story. Moving on, Princess Lala of Morocco in a lovely traditional dress..

Well that's it, I do like the unique style of Morocco..but I still think Americas got it :( ah well, more 'country' styles coming soon!


*~Ange~* said...

love that green & pink dress!

Pixie said...

Me too Ange. All about the pink and green.

Mona said...

Pretty stuff. I love the abaya with the hood in the shop and Princess Lala's...classy.

Xanthe said...

Moroccan women dress in such beautiful sunny colours. It must be all the year round sunshine that inspires them.

malizea the french hijabi said...

very beautiful mashallah i love the last one

loolt said...

love the jalabiyas!

great blog btw :)

Nada said...

Hello :)
Nice blog u have here
I came across this article and since Im moroccan I couldnt stop myself from commenting :D
just a little remark the name of the princess is Meriam ( one of the king's sisters ).lala in Moroccan is the equivalent of Mrs and miss in English or Madame in French.Its a sign of respect and not a name :.
keep up the great work :)

Zaenab said...

Nada: ohh right! i thought lala was an odd name, sorry about that lol ^-^ im glad you like the blog xx

Saloua said...

IM MOROCCAN wooohoo. so i had to leave a comment. You went there? where did you go? i come from the east of morocco. And i own many of those tacshita dresses in all sorts of colours.
I think moroccan hijab style is very unique compared to rest of arab countries, our dresses are more princess like and elegant and our jilabas are bright colourful and practical. :D

thanks again

Nur Najihah said...

i love moroccan style!

Anonymous said...

A Miss Morroco with Hijab!!! I don't like that!! so what's the meaning of a "Hijab"??? please don't confuse things!! sorry to say it but it's a reality!! it's just like putting on the top of ((xxxx)) a strawberry then saying it's a strawberry pie!