21 August 2011

Keep going Libyans! May Allah (SWT) defeat your oppressor and allow you to celebrate eid in peace. Ameen.


emmamichelle said...

I think your blog is fascinating. I am an Australian woman with very little understanding of the Muslim religion, and I'm going to follow your blog in hopes I can learn a lot. You seem like such a wonderful and empowered person :)

Stylish Muslimah said...

Emmamichelle: I'm glad you like the blog :D I shall be following yours as well then! If you ever have any questions, please ask :)

Also, I love long bus trips too XD

Anonymous said...

Libya, Yemen, Syria, Palestine....my duas are with them all.

off-topic: Do you know if Arab countries serve a drink called "falooda"?



Stylish Muslimah said...

Imran: It sounds Arabic but I've never actually heard of it, sorry :/

Anonymous said...

Yes, they do. Consisting of icecream, rosewater and noodles if I recall correctly. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Falooda
Yup, or some variation thereof.

You should be able to find it somewhere. I had it in the Emirates.

KMalik said...

hmmm? Is that an Almond drink?

Yes, my du'as are with ALL the oppressed Muslims around the world, lets not forget the Sudan and other Muslim-African countries... I have trials in my life, but I can not imagine living in a tent in a refugee camp because of war or drought... May Allah help the Muslims and guide us on the straight path AMEEN!

Anonymous said...

"Arab acquisition of Greek science"


Wonderful overview.



Leila and Aliya said...

Hi girls! Come and see our blog! We r new but we hope to be informative as well!!!

-Leila and Aliya