20 August 2011

Ramadan Adverts

Adverts on Arabic TV are always tailored for Ramadan. Here are a few I like:

Pepsi Ramadan 2011

Nandos Ramadan 2006, this cracked me up XD

Vimto Ramadan 2007

Subway Ramadan 2011

Etisalat (UAE phone company) Ramadan 2011

Coca Cola Ramadan 2011 (Egypt)

"There are many reasons to believe in a better tomorrow: For every corrupt person, 8000 people donate blood. For every person who thinks the country won’t stand on its feet, 3 million children are taking their first steps. For every lazy person in Ramadan, 13 million mothers are preparing Iftar. For every piece of bad news, there are more than 50 jokes. For every dark street, 32 million lanterns shine in Ramadan. And for every person who sees the glass half empty, millions offer each other Coca Cola".

Overly heart-warming? Perhaps.. but I love it! Statistically accurate? Highly doubt that..


Anonymous said...

I hate corporate advertisements/marketing in general, but especially when it Islamic themes. These ads don't give a damn about Islam or Ramadan; they wanna get in good with Muslims so that we'll be more inclined to consume their products.

Rant over.



Muslim Mommy said...

I COMPLETELY agree with Imran, but it tickles me because if many Americans/British/Canadian non-Muslims knew CocaCola was having advertisements geered towards Islamic trditions they'd probably burn a bunch of Qur'ans, have a demonstation... and then drink a Coke! LOL!

Thanks for sharing

NoorJahan said...

You've been mistaken, the first commercial is actually a pakistani commercial in urdu not arabic.

Stylish Muslimah said...

Noor: Lol, clearly. I just assumed everyone would know what I mean :)

Aesha said...

lol, ur blog is funny! :)

Cheers! /Aesha

Leila and Aliya said...

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-Aliya and Leila

i dont know bout aliya but i luved the translation part....
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leila: hi
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