18 December 2008

Modest Non-Hijabis

Because it's called Stylish Muslimah ^-^ Here are some pictures I like
Simple and cute, great for prayer with an added scarf:

Nice, modest and glam at the same time: a perfect combination, mwah!

Ohh, back in Pakistan I believe, check out those pretty colours:

Dressed up Muslimah pals, they clearly like their bling :D

OK, I'm getting slightly carried away now lol, but I like the pic anyway it's really interesting..

I heart my Muslimahs :)


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures, love the colors as well. Im just curious why in the last picture someone didnt donate a scarf to the sister for prayer?

NiDa said...

Oh I LOVE the first one...

*~Ange~* said...

1st and 2nd ones are soooo pretty!!!