10 December 2008

Layer Your Way To Style

This winter, think one word: 'layermania'. Perfect for modesty and those short sleeved dresses, layering is the stylish hijabis best friend. There's sooo many different ways to get the look so I'd be mad to try and go through them all but here are some ways I like to layer..and some ways I certainly don't..
Don't :(

OK, I know a lot of hijabis think this look is great but I think different. For me, wearing one of those 'long sleeved basic' tops under any short sleeved dress screams "I'm only trying to cover!" This is wrong girls, your outfit should scream "stylishly modest!!" Anyway, enough of the rant, here's what I mean:

Those are the sort of sleeves I'm talking about. And so are these:

Who cares if they're models and this is a professional photo-shot?! Face it: a halter neck vest with a horrid basic top underneath to 'do the job' is never going to cut it in my books. Next, try and guess who I think got it all wrong because I don't want to be any meaner..

Oh whatever.. that blue maxi could have looked soo much nicer with a bolero or denim jacket.
Do :)

And now some layering that I actually like:

Before you think this is exactly the same as what I just said was disgusting, it's not the same because she has layered 3 tops which kinda works here and the colours are adorable:

I looove this next one, it's so feminine and the cardi is very hijab friendly and also baby friendly by the looks of things :) it also shows you can layer one colour. Yay :D

OK.. I have to admit that tops under a dress can sometimes look nice but if and only if the sleeves underneath are the statement piece, e.g. a contrasting colour or a pattern against a solid coloured dress. Those balloon sleeved blouses look fab under a sleeveless dress too! :P

And let's not, of course, forget our good friends 'chunky knit' and 'boyfriend cardigan' ^-^

Sorry, it's a bit hectic but I had a lot burst into my head at once :o) anyway, get layering girls..and start with a cardigan!


Inspired Muslimah said...

I like the sis on the top of the post, she is cute!

Millz said...

I actually like the red and white outfit. I don't mind the look of long sleeve tee under a short sleeve/sleeveless shirt/dress. I think it can look really cute.

Anonymous said...

ASA. I agree with Millz, I think that the Tee's can look nice they just have to be nice quality material. Not like a gym "work out" tee.

*~Ange~* said...

i completely agree. those 'body tops' as they are known are disgusting under sleeveless dresses and tops. and whats more they are ALWAYS skin tight - so yah you may be covering your skin but the top is never loose and never hijab-ok.

and it looks sooo bad. they should just wear a cardigan or nice jacket to cover up and not those ugly tops.

and that red and white look is so bad. looks like she was wearing normal clothes then just slipped a salsa dress over the top.. so bad. and the all denim outfit on her friend is bad too.

Millz said...

Eh I still think it can be cute. I have a ton of long sleeve tops. I just make sure that they're not super tight. Same goes for cardigans. They can also be too tight in the arms and again defeat the purpose of the being covered.

The only outfits that I think look really crazy are the black and yellow and the brown shirt with the blue and green maxi dress. I think the others are decent enough.

Anonymous said...

Girls, jsut because you don't agree with what someone is wearing, doesn't mean you have to be so insulting. Would you like it if someone called your clothing disgusting? Whatever happened to plain old good manners...

thenewgirl said...

i loove the first one i wish i could do something like that but nooo chance unless they have a whole tutorial on it but even then it wouldnt look that awesome but i am new at it so my styling is that great

Anonymous said...

I think those longsleeve tops might be ok,on real slim sisters, and only if they choose like 1 size bigger, so to avoid the painted skin look... However i have many friends choosing this look, buuuut they fix their hijab in a way that it covers like at least their upper part of their arm,back and chest too..nah u know what i mean..salams Faiza