13 December 2008

Celebrity Style Steal.. Azizah Ariffin

Popular TV personality from Malaysia, Azizah is my next style steal. She has recently started wearing hijab - June of this year to be precise on her 39th birthday. I've managed to dig up some pictures of her newly found hijab style:

First off, a staple of the hijabis wardrobe - a pure white tunic. I like those pretty embellishments too :)

Wow a bold, colourful dress. Red suits this skin tone very well:

My steal - inspired by the red dress.. but far less casual ^-^

A bit grainy but you can still make out the cute patterned tunic and dark jeans. Nice :)

And lastly, a sweet blue and white outfit..

Hope you liked this celeb style steal.. more coming soon Insha'Allah.


Inspired Muslimah said...

What a beautiful Muslimah!

Anonymous said...

i really liked your set!

kakchik said...

Salam. She's beautiful and change has made her more beautiful.

Datin Azura said...

As slm. Your post keep me smile. Although you're not malaysian but I notice that you like to upload pics from us malaysian in the sense of hijabis style, outfits n celebs. One muslim one world.