18 December 2008

Yay, I Was Tagged :D

By Inspired Muslimah to do this fun little questionnaire :D so here goes:

5 Things I was doing 10 years ago

1. Being told off by my mean teachers - that's more than five.

5 Things on my to do list

1. Have as few driving lessons as humanly possible
2. Never be mean to my mum ever again. Ever..
3. Make good use of my gap year
4. Think of a 4th 'to do'
5. Make a better and more serious 'to do' list

1 snack I love

1. Tea and biscuits.

5 Things I would do If I were a millionaire

1. Buy a mansion
2. Probably go power crazy
3. Open my own amazing hijab fashion shop which everybody would love
4. Buy 5 Chanel bags
5. ..and a Gucci

5 Places I have lived

1. Several parts of the UK. Boring.

5 Jobs I have had

1. In a hospital shop
2. In a clothes shop
3. I'm 18, I haven't had five jobs yet lol

I tag anyone with a cheeky little blog :O)

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