04 December 2008

Chinese Hijab Style

China was the first country that popped to my head when I decided to do another 'country hijab style' post. With USA still being my fave place for hijab style (even though I don't live there) I want to see how a country on the other end of the world fares. So here are the piccys I've dug out:

Awww look at the cute little baby :P

Great polka dot headscarf!

I love this pic, don't know why exactly I just do lol.

A great picture, full of colours and patterns

Great hijabs and pretty little floral prints :)

I've saved the best until last..

What an amazing hijab! I love headscarves with sunglasses it looks so cute. So from these photos I'm guessing that Chinese style is full of bright colours and pretty patterns which I love but I still think US style is up there. Maybe next time..


*~Ange~* said...

oohh the last one is sooo cute.

Francesca Najea Lujan said...

I just posted an Asian Jilbab, then I saw this. You shoudl check it out. We are definately on the same wave length.

Inspired Muslimah said...

Ok first, the baby is the cutest!! And second, are there really hijabees everywhere in china like that?? Alhamdullilah, that is wonderful! It is not like that in the US. I barely see women in hijab,except at the masjid,but on a daily basis, I dont see any.

Anonymous said...

do pakistan!!!! :)

LisaM at ThoseHeadcoverings said...

You find the greatest world photos... keep up the good work!

Zaenab said...

thanks for your comments and anon i will do pakistan next Insha'Allah

Francesca Najea Lujan said...

OK, now I just have to ask, can you do a Moroccan spread too? I have some lovely pictures from a modeling shoot I did earlier this year, in a Moroccan riad (traditional home). It's so lovely. Check out some of the pix here: www.hijabicouture.com. Send me an e-mail at hijabicouture@gmail.com if you want to se more or want some without the blurred faces. :)

Anonymous said...

There are lots of different Muslim populations in China, and you'll see different headscarves in different regions. The Hui, who are Chinese-speaking Muslims, don't tend to wear hijab by and large, but when they do, they often wear a chiffon scarf over a sort of cap. The chiffon scarves are really pretty, but I could never get them to stay on my head. The ends tend to be lined with beads. The heavier silk scarves you see here are also popular among the Hui women. The city of Xi'an, which is where those terrcotta soldiers are, has a great old Muslim section, and lots of women there wear hijab (also, there are thousands who don't but who are awesome just the same).

The Uighur women, who live all over China but who hail from Xinjiang, don't so much veil as wear chiffon scarves in the style we call "Spanish hijab" - tied behind the head. The more closer you get to Pakistan, the more conservative dress you see - there are plenty of burqas in Kashgar, for example.

rainbow said...

Wow.. it's brilliant to post about how mosleemah wear hijab all around the world.
Would you write about Indonesian hijab... It'll be interesting!