18 September 2011

Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 Review

A while back I said that I was thinking about getting the LV Damier Speedy 35 bag in the Ebene colour. I ended up buying it for my birthday in April and have just sold it on eBay. As it is such an expensive purchase I thought I would review it for anybody thinking of buying one.

Customer service:

Going into a Louis Vuitton shop always makes me feel a little unworthy, everyone else in there seems to know exactly what they are doing but I go in there and feel so out of place :/ So if you're like me, don't fret - you're not alone.

Anyway, buying a bag from there is fine, usually the sales assistant is helpful but that really depends on the shop you go to. I have heard that LV sales assistants are known to be quite mean in some stores. I bought mine from the shop on Bond Street and the SA in there was nice enough.
As far as I have heard Louis Vuitton has a very bad reputation for returning and exchanging items. All you have to do is a Google search and sites with lots of complaints about their bad service will come up.

After using my bag for two days and looking after it extremely well I noticed some damage to the leather piping, this was pretty disappointing for a bag of £455 so I took it back. I was seen by the same SA who I had bought the bag from two days before, she said that there was nothing that could be done because I must have damaged it myself - I hadn't even put the bag on the floor once. The receipt says you can return for any reason within 7 days of purchase but neither she nor her manager was having any of it.

I wasn't giving up that easily, so I tried another store in central London and told the SA there the same story. He took it straight away and said that it would be sent to Paris to "evaluate the damage". After about a week I got a call from the shop and they said that a new one was ready for me to pick up.

Be really careful when you purchase an LV bag because the level of service you get will be down to the SA that serves you. So many people have said this in Internet reviews and my story illustrates that.

Below is the exact colour and size that I got:

The bag is basically just one big space; there is a small, relatively useless pouch inside but apart from that it is quite difficult to organise or find anything in the Speedy especially the 35, which is the largest available in the Damier range and just fits A4.

Make sure that that if you do buy one you are completely sure of the size of the bag that you want because you'll find it neigh impossible to return after about a week. Looking back, I would have bought the 30 so that it looks a bit little less bulky and doesn't fit as much, so won't weigh as much. Just so you know, the numbers stand for the width of the bag in centimetres.  

If you want the Speedy because it is a classic LV look then go for it, if you want it for it's functionality and individual style, I would say you can get a much nicer bag for the same price or less.

Value for money:
These bags go up in price every year. I bought mine for £455 in April and it has now gone up to £465. I recently sold it on eBay for £405 which I think is pretty good. Some people say that the bag is not worth it because it is not made of leather, however these bags are always desirable and you would not find it difficult to sell after 2 or 3 years of usage, or even more.

I think that the Damier Ebene Speedy is better value for money, one because it looks nicer and two, because it doesn't get dirty and the leather handles don't darken over time like the Monogram bag does.

Overall, I wouldn't recommend this bag if you want something practical or something that is not widely replicated. In my opinion, the only good thing about the speedy is that it is a classic style that looks good and you can also get a good chunk of your money back if you decided to sell the bag.


Yukirat said...

Secretly so happy to see that you sold it :)) I have read all about LV and its origins but they are really EVERYWHERE in Japan so due to its ubiquity, the bag loses some of its appeal. Also, watched several news reports about teenage schoolgirls from middle-class families prostituting themselves to unscrupulous older men so that they can afford a prestigious LV/Chanel/Gucci bag, which was really depressing (the brand I think was not meant for teenage gals). Looking forward to your next review!

edibe @ edbdesigns said...

Thanks for that review. I was thinking, one day, in the very distant future LOL I would possibly purchase one... but your post has made me think twice. I would think for that price you could even buy 1 hour of the SA's time and courtesy, but it seems that once you fork out the money, then it's all history. I'm glad you were able to get most of your money back... beautifully designed, quality leather bags that aren't by high end designer brands seem to be the best way to go.

Stylish Muslimah said...

Yukirat: Oh that is sick! I don't ghet how people would go that for for anything let alone a bag :S

Edibe: I'm glad the review helped :D

Salam x

Sabrina said...

aw..i thought that i am the one who have the negativity though...i never ever been into any high end brand shop like LV or Gucci or whatsoever. seems like whenever i passed the shop, they look at me like i am no eligible to enter. anyway i am still cant afford to buy any of those bags. but still, why do they have to have that kind of mentality? they only work there, not own the shop...

aminatulmimi ismail said...

oh my this is the post that i've been waitin. thank you.

Stylish Muslimah said...

Sabrina: LOL, that is so true! I don't know why it is though, I mean they probably get paid the same as any other sales assistant :/

Aiman said...

Unless you are super filthy kinda rich, i see it as a minni sin. Coz, spending ur money unwisely may hold one accountable on judgement day.

You can get really nice things for less amount of money with no guilt. HOWEVER, the good thing with designer bags is that they have re sale value. But i always feel that its dumb of us to hold our money on something that is not making money or beenfitting people at large.

Am not critisizing, but instead of holding it in my heart, i let out my opinion , thinking it might change our views in terms of islam.

Stylish Muslimah said...

Aiman: I see your point. I am not filthy rich but I don't see why it is haram if you have worked for the money and you also give to charity. It might nor be the best thing in te world to do but it's not a sin unless you are throwing your money away every other day on useless things.

But thanks for the advice, I would definitely rather you wrote it :)

Salam x

Muslimah said...

I so want it!!!!!!

South African Girl said...

Look at the handbags (+ belts) made in South Africa by Missibaba - all genuine leather, handmade, you can specify whatever colour combo you want AND request that they don't use pig leather or suede for your order. Bought stuff from them a few times - excellent service, happy with my items. Check out their website www.missibaba.com

Black Pearl said...

Salams! This is the first time I visit your blog, seems cool. :)

Sumz said...

I have the Damier 30 in the Ebene fabric. I don't use it much but I love it. And yes I brought it because if I did want to sell I would get a good chunk of my money back.

Mariah said...

Hi! Thank you for the post and review - I am thinking of buying my first proper designer bag and thought I'd go for 35 but from your experience it seems that maybe I should go for the smaller 30...Interesting to hear about their customer service - I thought they'd be really good as their goods cost an arm and a leg but I guess they can be pricks because...they can! Really well-written post and very informative, will defo keep reading on other topics too, glad I found you through LV! Mariah

Stylish Muslimah said...

Mariah: Aw thanks! I'm glad that it helped. Yes, LV customer service is very hit and miss, just depends on what your sales assistant is like! I think you should just go to the store and try both sizes, but personally I think the 30 is better.

Nice blog btw!


Pasha Parks said...

Do NOT buy the Azur! Whilst the colours are neutral and can be worn with almost everything, I had terrible jeans dye transfer within the first week, and could do nothing about it. The hands also get verybdiy and can't be cleaned- very disappointing indeed

Jual Tas Branded Wanita said...

wow i love this bag so much dear

Anonymous said...

Need an opinion pls..just abt to buy speedy 35.i'm having hard time deciding as to what design..mono or damier ebene?when i tried the mono,it doesn't seem nice on me.but when i tried on damier ebene,it looks lovely on me.the only thing is i already have LV bags in damier.what design should i go for?-karen

StylishMuslimah said...

Hey Karen!

When the monogram is new the leather on the handles is really light, this may be why you think it doesn't look good on you whereas the damier does. The leather on the monogram bag softens and darkens over time and looks beautiful after about a year of regular use. I personally would not buy two bags in the same print, so if I were you I'd go for the monogram speedy!

Enjoy your new bag!! :) xx

Nai @ TPJ said...

Salam. Sales assistants of LV are a bit too judgemental at times, yeah. It's sickening really, to get nasty glares upon entrance and to see the double standard treatment somehow, from one customer to another. It's the money and only the money matters, it seems. Anyhow, thanks for this review even though I just bumped into it after quite some time. I guess most big bags need separate bag organizer to make your life easier. That's what I've been using, anyway.

Cherry Blossom said...

Thank you so much for sharing your review! Such an iconic piece!