22 September 2011

Reader's Look: Edibe

A fashionista from Melbourne, you may have seen her blog (Hijabi and the City) which showcases many of her wonderful looks. Here are a few of my favorites:

I cannot fault this floral skirt look - tis a dream :D

Excellent monochrome styling - liking the jacket and skirt combo.

Check out the 3 ways that she has styled this same skirt, I especially like the second look:

As an 'extra long cardigan' enthusiast, I am loving this casual, played down outfit.

Love it all! What do you think of her style? For more looks check out her blog. And if you would like to be featured, email me!


Yumna said...

MashAllah, I love this sister's style. So many florals and skirts= super girly! Love it! :)

Mona Z said...

I love Edibe's style, she's awesome.

edibe @ edbdesigns said...

Thank you so much Zaenab, you are too sweet. :) And Yumna and Mona Z, thank you ladies also for yur kind words. :)

Stylish Muslimah said...

Edibe: Aw that's ok! I'm glad you like the post :D

Salam x

Anonymous said...

Yeah I adore her and I adore her look...she's a rockin' awesome person and Muslimah and very very very inspirational and I hope she starts up EDB designs again, her stuff was wonderful too! mashallah