25 September 2011

Voting Rights For Saudi Women

King Abdullah says women will be allowed to run as candidates in municipal polls and will even have a right to vote.

Well it's a start...


The Black Jubah said...

Finally yea... the critics always like to look at Saudi as how Muslim women are treated. They should look at Malaysia. We can climb mountains, grace the North pole, become CEO and still Hijabi and abiding the Islamic rules (well not all Malaysians abide) but most of them are working towards it. More are doning the hijab :).

Yukirat said...

I knew you were going to write about this :))) and fast! It's a good step. I have never been to Saudi Arabia so am obviously speaking from an ignorant position but I wonder why it took so long, if it were not unIslamic to let them vote in the first place? The Saudi girls studying in Vancouver (on govt grant of $2,700/month) there are 10,000 students here) are all well-educated, stylish, active and outspoken. I really cannot imagine they were not allowed to vote until now.

Stylish Muslimah said...

The Black Jubah: That is so true! It annoys me that they always focus women in Islam in general. But you're right, Malayasia and Indonesia are great Islamic countries and nobody ever mentions them :/

Yukirat: Lol you know me too well!
Women there are second class citizens but there has been some progress especially with their education. It's nothing to do with Islam, it's just Wahabi extremists just wanting to control them.

Salam x

Anonymous said...

I hope this will lead to some positive and sustainable results, and not political division.

And I always thought that they were a monarchy, as in no one gets to vote.


Harun Ar said...

Women have the same competence as men, they should be free to choose any job
Not a day longer imprison women