27 February 2011

Should I Buy A Louis Vuitton Speedy?

I need your help people! I find myself in a little bit of a predicament and would like your opinion. I have wanted a Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 in the damier print for quite a while now and decided I would finally purchase one for my birthday, which is coming up.
The bag is.. £455 ($730).. :(

These bags are renowned for their excellent quality and for lasting years and years; if I do buy one I will not purchase another bag for a (long) while. By the way, most of the money will be money that I have actually worked for as opposed to 'birthday money', before anybody says anything :)

The bag itself is not leather apart from the handles and trimmings. All of the reviews I have read about this bag are positive with the only downside being the fact you have to wear it on your elbow or carry it.

Having said all that, I still don't know if it's worth the cash.. what do you think? (I am half hoping everybody tells me to buy it but I'm not going to hold my breath..)

(P.S. I know what it says in the Quran about people who spend unwisely, I just doing think this is unwise spending. Also, fakes are out of the question.)

25 February 2011

The Haram Police

I'm sure a lot of you have watched or heard of Baba Ali on YouTube, he makes these neat videos with nice Islamic reminders in a very un-holier-than-thou way. The haram police guy at the beginning craaaacked me up :D

22 February 2011

What IS He On..?

This guy... Wow. He's insane. I honestly think he is messed up in the head. Also, I wish, for the love of God, that he would stop going on about Osma Bin Laden and "Islamic extremists". Seriously, at least Bin Laden doesn't massacre his own people. This lunatic is the biggest terrorist there is.

My solution is decidedly simpler than his.
A noose.

21 February 2011

Peace In The Middle East..??!

Well, it definitely seems that that phrase has taken on a whole new meaning these past few weeks.

Please remember to make duas for our brothers and sisters in Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, Morocco, Sudan.. and, by the end of the week, probably the rest of the Arab lands.. May Allah (swt) grant them victory over their oppressors and may He blacken the faces of Gaddafi and Saif Al Islam (who, might I add, does NOT deserve that name by anybody's stretch of the imagination) in despair and shame and anyone who agrees with their despicable crimes. Ameen.

I could rant for quite a while about the wrong-doings of these arrogant wastes of space, but as this is something greatly affecting the people of our Ummah, I am sure you are already fully aware of the situation and have not simply been ignoring the plights of fellow Muslims. So I will spare you.

Pleaseeee keep them in your prayers.

15 February 2011

Hijabi Beginner: Iqraa

As part of the Hijabi Beginner posts, I interviewed a new hijabi to find out why she decided to adopt the hijab at the tender age of 13 (awwwww!).. Sorryy, but I think I'm fast approaching the age at which I am allowed to be patronising, yaayyy :o)

Here's as little about her...

"Hey, my name is Iqraa Shahid and I live in Cumbernauld, Scotland, which is in the UK. I was born on the 16/02/97 so that makes me thirteen years old (A). I am halfway through my third year in high school and this is usually the point where the exams start, eeeeeek :S!!!! I started wearing the hijab last year, after the summer and although I found it hard and it did come with its rough times, I am just so glad I went through with it and to be honest it is one of the best things I have ever done and I don't regret a single thing :D"

1: You're quite young, how do you know it's the right time to adopt the Hijab?

To be honest, there isn't really a right time to adopt the hijab. It is a hard thing to do and most people would try and put it off as much as they can. Some people grow up wearing it and have started from a very young age so don't see life any different. In my case it was different. I've always known that my mum wanted me to wear it and would eventually make but I tried putting it off for two years but I finally did it! The reasons for putting it off wasn't really because I didn't want to wear it, it was more to do with the fear I felt, which is usually what people feel when the topic of hijab comes in their lives. I knew that someday I am going to have to wear it and the more I put it off the harder it will be for me and I realised that it will just burden me until i eventually decide to wear it and masha'Allah I did and I am glad i did it during Ramadan :D

2: Truthfully, would you say that anybody had an influence on you making the decision?

Well, my mum really wanted me to wear it and things where tough between us because it was hard for her to see me not wearing it and receiving wrong attention and she feared that I would end up going on the wrong path. When I realised this, it really upset me because I knew that if I didn't wear it, the relationship between me and my mum wouldn't be as close as it was because she would be too busy trying to control me so I don't go off and do wrong things and I would be annoyed by her controlling so it would just be a whole lot of trouble. But then I realised that if I did wear it, my mum would be happy and step back and give me more freedom and respect. So yeah, she really did influence my decision.

3: How did your family react to your decision?

My mum of course was over the moon. My brothers and sisters where just happy but really didn't see the difference in me and didn't see what a huge decision it was. My dad was fine with it but he doesn't really take much things seriously so he never saw the big deal in it either, he was just glad that I was being a good Muslim I guess lol oh God that sounds so corny lol. My gran was happy since I'm the first (hopefully not the last) grandchild to wear it and my granddad who I don't see much because he isn't very well, didn't see a difference and if he did kept it to himself but I would imagine he too was very happy. My two aunts, one who does wear the hijab and one that doesn't wear really happy, the one that didn't brought me scarves and stuff and the one that does was really happy but upset because her daughters don't wear it so I understand that it hurts her to her niece wearing it when her own girls don't.

4: What was your first day like? Did people treat you differently?

The first day I wore it was the day I was going back to school after summer. Everyone was fine with it and only a few questioned me about it. But because I wasn't completely happy I kept thinking people where giving me looks and stuff but I realise now that it was all in my head and nobody really cares if I wear it or not, to them I'm still iqraa. It was really hard for me when I first wore the hijab and I went through some really rough patches and did try to blame it all on the hijab. I hadn't yet fully accepted it but now I am fine and love wearing it, yeah I do have days when i think "urghh I wish I didn't have to put this on all the blummin time" but then again, I have those days where I look in the mirror and smile back at the reflection and think this is perfect for me :D

5: What is the best thing about Hijab?

Hmmm I would say....being different (In a good way) lol. Not just like the usual teenage girl you would typically get, but someone unique, someone that will be remembered in a good way. Also not having to do my hair all the time when I go out but then again, it takes me ages getting my hijab right before I go out lol :L

6: What would you say is the worst thing about Hijab?

I'm the type of person that has to have everything in order and perfect! I can't go out without looking decent or without any makeup! I hate it when the hijab doesn't sit right, it bugs me off and I sit and have a screaming tantrum at myself for ages until I can finally get it right lol. So with hijab I hate it when it doesn't go the way I want it to!

7: Do you feel that it's has brought you closer to Allah (SWT)?

Yes I do, Hijab is about everything not just a scarf worn on your head. It's about your behaviour, attitude etc. When your walking in the street and you see a woman who wears a hijab and she has a growl on her face, it puts you right off, but when you see a hijabi with a lovely smile, greeting everyone and that, it makes you attracted and you think "wow she's a nice woman". This type of Muslim attracts people to Islam and makes them think what a lovely religion it is. Now when I go out I always think this and smile all the time cos it makes me think "this is the way I should be flaunting my religion", it is our job to welcome people to Islam and for them to see what a lovely religion it really is!

8: If a girl wants to start wearing the hijab, what would your advise be to her?

Wow, I have a lot of answers for this one lol.

I think a woman should wear the hijab when she is personally ready, but for some people this works but for others they think "what if I am never ready?". But for the people that question, well they should think of the reasons why they are putting it off? It is probably somewhere along the lines of being scared of what others think or the fear of being out casted. Trust me this doesn't happen, In fact you get more respect for wearing the hijab. Men respect women more when they wear the hijab. These women are like diamonds, they need to handled with care.

When you wear the hijab you shouldn't be doing it for anyone else but for yourself and your relationship with Allah (swt). The hijab is something that once you take on, it's something that sticks with you throughout your life and it makes you who you are. It's an amazing feeling to walk out wearing the hijab and knowing that each time you're wearing the hijab you are getting closer to Allah (swt) and to heaven.

9: And finally, what do you think of women who don't adopt the Hijab? Is it right to judge them?

I don't think you should judge anyone but yourself. Some women just aren't ready to wear the hijab and I think that this should be respected. It is between them and Allah (swt) and it should remain that way. It really depends on someone's faith and the type of Muslim they are.
If you would like to tell your hijab story, email me :)

13 February 2011

Imagine If London Was Occupied by Israel

A video I saw on the Palestinian Awareness blog (link in Stylish Blogs section) the other day. It puts the reality into (disturbing) perspective:

12 February 2011

Everybody Loves Stripes (And Wide Leg Jeans..?)

A casual outfit idea for the spring.

Pink Hijab
A lot of people say to me that because they are not as vertically endowed as others, they cannot get away with wearing wide leg jeans and therefore have no choice BUT to wear skinny jeans...
Here are a few tips for wearing loose bottoms for shorter women:
1. If you are petite and slim, wide leg jeans should work if you opt of a shorter dress and a short cardigan to avoid looking swamped.
2. If you are petite and plus size, go for bootcut jeans but not a shorter dress.
3. Choose a more structured top half (not tight) when wearing wide jeans e.g. blazer.
4. Remember, it is not always about finding clothes to suit your shape and size. It's great if you can do that but maintaining modesty is far more important.
5. Experiment. Trust me, you will find a wide leg style that suits you if you play around with the clothes you have in your wardrobe.
6. Lastly, don't think that because you are wearing wide leg jeans it is OK to wear a long sleeved top tucked into them. It's not. Sorry :(
Top photo source

11 February 2011

Oppression Fought - Al Hamduliallah!

CONGRATULATIONS to the Egyptians!!!

The tyrant and his party have finally fallen! Power has been handed to the army. I watched their jumah prayers this morning and thought that Allah (SWT) WILL answer these people's heart-wrenching supplications because they were so genuine.

The dua', made this morning by millions, that made the Egyptians victorious:

Fighting Oppression

After three long weeks of hardship and bloodshed, the Egyptians are still fighting for their freedom from tyrannical leadership. May Allah (SWT) give them strength and grant them victory over their oppressors and those supporting the oppression of these Muslims (this, unfortunately and ironically, includes the Saudi Arabian rulers). May Allah (SWT) weaken their enemies to shame and despair in this life and the next. Ameen.
Photo sources (from top): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

10 February 2011

Surat Al Naba'

Beautiful recitation of Surat Al Naba' ('The Great News'). Take 5 minutes to reflect on this amazing surah :)

08 February 2011

The best and worst (abaya) looks of 2010

Feels like not long ago I was writing that for 2009.. Anyway, I have decided to focus on abayas this year, not because I have decided to wear one but because I have many abaya photos that have been left unused for far too long.

Let's start with cuts...


Abayas come in lots and lots of different shapes, here are some of my favorites:

A loose, simple, flowing style with tight sleeves. The only thing that ruins this is what appears to be a cockroach crawling up her abaya. Nice.

I love this Pakistani take on the abaya, the colours are lovely. But I hate how they have to make their abayas shorter than normal. Floor-sweeping is the only way.

You cannot beat the traditional look. This lovely abaya is designed by Amal Murad...

If I had to pick one for the best of 2010, I would say this due to it's unique cut that still maintains a modest look:

This is why people research their target market before designing a product. I doubt this particular style will be available in Saudi Arabia. You are likely, however, find it in Dubai.

Finding a disgustingly hideous abaya on the net, or elsewhere, is not hard. Finding a disgustingly hideous belted abaya is decidedly easier than I thought...

I could continue but I shall have mercy on your eyes.

Actually, nahhh..
While running the risk of offending people, I have to say that my least favorite abaya style is the overhead.
Why? Have you seen the Harry Potter films..?!

Moving swiftly onto sleeves.

I like the sleeve of these next two abayas. I have to say though, the girls remind me of brown versions of Mean Girls O.o

Buttons rule!

There's a fashionably wide sleeve and then there's just silliness. This is veering towards the latter.
I hate these next sleeves. I hate them.. and I hate the girl and her stupid smirk.

Oh who am I kidding..? I have bag envy so decided to put her in the bad section even though the sleeves are OK. If somebody can purchase me an LV in order to cure my jealousy, please do :)

Fabric is up next.


Light and flowy. The perfect abaya combo.
Bin and bag. The not so perfect abaya combo.

Shaylas next, the abayas best friend.



Hair. It is like an un-tamable creature.

Rule #1347 - If you have a long face, do not elongate further with scarf. See posts about wearing headscarf to suit face shape if you are still unsure why the following look is so very wrong.

Styling an abaya..

Keeping it simple, with a cupcake.
The overpowering use of red and black is my idea of fashion hell.

The worst abaya look of 2010? (The matching hijab and wellies just doesn't sit right with me..)

And finally, I just have to add this one in. It reminds me of one of those before and after things. Before and after touching down to Heathrow from Riyadh, that is ;)

07 February 2011

Denim Shirt Style

A simple idea for a denim shirt outfit that I made on Looklet.

Also looks great with a floor-sweeping white skirt/dress:

Bottom image from yournextjeans.com

05 February 2011

Michelle Obamas' Take On Hijab Styling..

You may have already seen these photos of Michelle Obama in Hijab on a visit to Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta on November 10, 2010. I, on the other hand, am a few months behind the rest of the world.

Not sure I would have chosen a lime green suit for the event, but kudos to her for trying :)

Photos from huffingtonpost.com

04 February 2011

Mubarak: A 30 Year Problem...

Unfortunately, the demonstrations in Egypt have not gone as smoothly as those in Tunisia (who have finally gained their freedom to practice Islam! Before, the adaan - call to prayer - was considered noise pollution and the hijab was banned in places of work and education, even fasting was not allowed at work..!).

But seriously, Hosni mate, please.. just eff off man!!! Nobody likes you, nobody wants you. Nobody apart from Israel, that is. Israel. In case you didn't know, if it meant they were protecting "their" spit of land, they would betray you, murder you and never look back. In fact, I bet they are regretting not topping you a few months back in order for your sprog (who is, incidentally, a British citizen) to make a swift transition into your chair and continue to lick their ass and do whatever they command.

What I honestly don't get about the guy is that he has a foot in the grave and yet he is a cool as a cucumber to rule like an oppressive, power-hungry tyrant. Is he not a little apprehensive that he might get, you know, punished..? I mean, you'd think he should be able to relate to Pharoh better than most, right? It seems the only thing he is apprehensive about is the Muslim Brotherhood party coming into power. I would just like to say at this point that although I find some of the rules in both Arabia and Iran to be disagreeable, I would be overjoyed if the Muslim Brotherhood party were to be elected. Supporting Palastine can only be a good thing.
Anyway, that's my rant over. Make duas for the protesters, that it all ends well for them!