18 March 2009

"Blue And Green Should Never Be Seen..."

..I hate silly colour rules like that and the 'brown and blue' rule. I happen to think brown and blue can look wonderful together, like here:
Here my version:

Nude Top

Nude Top - by Zaenab

I looked for a nice brown batwing top but I couldn't find one, oh well nude is big this spring :D Another thing that's on trend is mixing and matching bright and beautiful colours so forget boring same-shade outfits and add a splash of colour! If you're not so keen on standing out of the crowd with bold brights, carefully chosen colour pop accessories will do the job just as well :]


Habibti said...

i wear a lot of brown and blue i think it is the perfect color coordination

Tak Pe Je said...

Blue blouse & brown skirts i've alwiz done. Yet to try the other way round like your post.. Thanx, dearie..!